Seven reasons to invest in digital marketing

digital marketing

Marketing is not the same ballgame as it once was.

digital marketing

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Developments in digital technology have led to a range of new marketing methods that businesses of all kinds can use to promote their products and build their brand. The COVID-19 pandemic has also driven businesses across the globe online, boosting marketing activities along advanced digital pathways.

On the other hand, with times tighter than ever for most companies, they may be tempted to try to save on expenses and cut back on their marketing budget. However, this can be a big mistake and represent a false economy. You may save a few pennies but miss out on significantly more in sales and revenue. Here are seven crucial reasons why you should invest in digital marketing in 2021:

1. There are more online customers than ever

The pandemic has caused customers and organisations alike to move online. Businesses that already had an online presence bolstered it in 2020, and others moved online for the first time. Equally, customers were much more likely to look for and purchase products online as they sheltered in their homes. As this trend continues into 2021, digital marketing is critical in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

2. Digital marketing offers diverse possibilities

Advancements in technology have opened many new doors to marketing for business organisations such as affiliate websites, social media, digital advertisements, mobile apps, and video marketing. And with these possibilities, there has also been an increase in marketing services that can all you to reach your goals with minimal investment. For example, you can easily hand over the responsibility of bringing visitors to one’s website to a link building agency that can do the job efficiently and effectively, helping drive organic traffic to your site. This will translate into more sales and greater profits.

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3. You can personalise campaigns to every customer

With the help of emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, it is now possible to deliver targeted and personalised advertising to every customer. With mobile apps, this has an even higher impact. In traditional marketing, generalised messages were blindly sent to potential customers, resulting in low conversion rates. On the other hand, personalised marketing is much more persuasive and so yields better results.

4. Leverage digital marketing to reinvent your brand

The pandemic has been devastating to most business sectors as well as changing the behavioural patterns and preferences of customers. Consumers now view certain products and brands differently and certain products have become all but obsolete. In 2021, it is essential businesses re-emerge from the slump by reinventing themselves and their products. To do this, they will need a robust marketing strategy to increase visibility and regain their customer base.

5. It is essential for brand building

Sales and marketing are two entirely different things. A product selling well does not mean that there is less need for marketing. Marketing is essential for brand building. In other words, even when product marketing is not a necessity, brand marketing is. This is particularly relevant when product sales drop due to unforeseen events, such as a global pandemic. In this case, brand building is more important than ever, and for this you need digital marketing.

6. Availability of effective tools

Today, marketing is not as difficult as it used to be, thanks to the many advanced tools now available. There are a range of online tools that can help you to plan your marketing strategy, forecast the future, build plans based on evidence-based analytics, and ensure you are always on the right track, all with minimal time and effort. For example, you can use Google Analytics to develop your SEO strategy and measure results.

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7. Benefits of interaction

Another advantage of digital marketing is that it can greatly improve customer engagement. For example, you can use virtual customer care assistants and bots leveraging AI to converse with your customers and resolve their issues. Unlike traditional one-way billboard advertisements, these two-way digital communication channels bring far better results for your business. With digital marketing, there is also the benefit of having a 24/7 impact 365 days a year as the Internet is open all the time. Furthermore, mobile apps mean that your business is reachable by the customers anytime and anywhere.

Final thoughts

Businesses cannot ignore the benefits of investing in digital marketing. Unlike traditional methods, the current advanced concepts are far more efficient and bring much better results for the same amount of effort. For any business looking to move forward and shake off the losses of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, a strong digital marketing strategy is essential.

By investing in the right digital marketing strategies and executing them effectively, businesses of all kinds are sure to see an excellent return on their investment.