Self-harming: advice from a teen

Hey, my name’s Sophie and I first started self-harming when I was 10. I’m now 14 and I’ve been clean for 3 months already which is a massive deal for me.

sadgirl-300x225If you’re going through this you probably feel like it will always be this way; no matter how much people tell you it’ll get better, you’ll never believe it. That’s exactly what I thought, but I found ways to make the sinking feeling inside of me go away.

And I promise you, self- harmer to self-harmer it can get better! Cross my heart.

1. Avoid depressing websites, quotes, pages and pictures. I know you may find them to feel comforted but all they’re doing is reminding you of how you’re feeling, or triggering you to hurt yourself.

2. Avoid listening to sad music. Like I said before, it will only remind you of how you feel.

3. Write your feelings down in a journal! Rant away, it really takes some weight off your mind.

4. Exercise! Ew, I know. But even just taking a walk in the fresh air really helps to clear your head. Staying in your room all the time will only make you feel cramped.

5. Keep your room tidy. I know that sounds a bit odd and off topic, but it isn’t. Ever heard the saying “Tidy room, Tidy mind”? It works.

6. Paint, write, read, skateboard, swim, run, sing, dance, learn something new! Try and make yourself as busy as possible. This way you’ll have no time to hurt yourself.

If you ever feel like self-harming go be around people or skype someone. You’ll find the longer you go without doing it, the easier it’ll be to stop.

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Remember, I’ve been through this. I know how you feel. It is possible to see the light again 🙂 It may take you a few months or years, but you can feel better again.