Securing your home against emergencies

Group of human palms on all sides of a cut out house diagram with setting sun coming through window over water

As a homeowner, you need a plan for the worst-case scenario. Earthquake, tornado, hail, adverse wind conditions, vandalism, structural implosion—there are a lot of things that could compromise your property’s value.

Group of human palms on all sides of a cut out house diagram with setting sun coming through window over waterWhile it may not be possible to exactly predict which element will compromise your property, you can be prepared for multiple scenarios.

Your home has many different aspects that make it beautiful on one end, but also demanding on the other hand. That beautiful lawn, or the awesome central heating, or the modern kitchen you’ve had built last year.

You don’t just want the to maintain one part of your home, such as having plumbing support, you want multiple levels of support. You should have landscaping, HVAC, pest control, plumbing, water damage, roofing, window cleaning, and flooring experts in your rolodex. Well, maybe not your rolodex. Put them in as contacts on your smartphone.

Call around and do your research to find the best support solutions for an emergency. There are solutions out there, and sometimes paying more means saving money in the long run through dependable repairs, and fair charges. Sometimes paying less means you’ll get “up-sold” and need to acquire more fixes in the future.

Plumbing solutions is an organization that provides plumbers that are available at nights, at weekends, on holidays at no extra cost. It’s important not to get charged extra during such situations, because disasters in plumbing are rarely if ever considerate of you or your family’s personal schedule. It’s like adding salt to a wound to get charged on top of that; find organizations who won’t do that to you.

Additionally, businesses which can afford to work on weekends or holidays without charging you extra are likely to do the job right expediently and correctly the first time. Organizations that “nickel-and-dime” you are likely going to take longer than necessary and act like they’re doing you a favor all the while.

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) considerations

When it comes to HVAC contractors, you want a company that believes in client education. Find one that will thoroughly explain the problem and it will be fixed.

Sometimes what must be done for repair isn’t within your affordable range, sometimes HVAC organizations try and foist additional unnecessary work on you. To avoid both situations, you need to know what will the expenses be prior to the start of repair work. This will give you an option to decline the services if you have to.

The best agencies will tell you what you need, what’s advisable, and suggest possible enhancements that could prevent similar issues in the future. The enhancements will be discretionary, not mandatory—but they will be worth your while.

Pest control

Something else that’s important in regards to the safety and value of your home is effective pest control solutions. Rats, hornets, mice, salamanders, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, gnats, roaches, ants, pigeons, woodpeckers, raccoons—there are quite a few different possible scenarios for an infestation.

MouseAdditionally, sometimes a pest problem can seemingly crop up overnight. If you’ve got an under-used basement, you may find mouse droppings all over the place. You’ve kept the rest of the house clean and forgot about the basement. Now you’ve got mice.

Comprehensive protections

Plumbing, HVAC, and pest control services can do a great job of protecting your property’s value. There are quite a few different additional services which make a lot of sense in this regard.

The more trusted agencies you’ve got in your smartphone, the better. Maybe start with three services like these and expand from there.

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