Secrets to effortlessly gorgeous eyes

middle age woman putting on mascara

Every woman dreams of getting gorgeous eyes effortlessly but if you’re not a make-up junkie you might find it difficult to achieve your dreams. Worry not! We have the best tricks and hacks to show you how simple it can be to transform everyday eyes into sexy ones which will definitely drop some jaws…

Trick 1: Choosing the right concealers

You can transform your eyes into a canvas with the help of a concealer. Go for a liquid-based concealer, pair it with your foundation and eliminate all those dark circles and fine lines. Voila! Your canvas is ready to be painted.

middle age woman putting on mascaraTrick 2: Don’t overdo eye shades

There are millions of eye shades available today. The key to gorgeous eyes is selecting the right eye shades according to the ‘occasion’.

If you want to wear an eye shadow to the office, opt for a creamy eyeshadow in natural illuminating shades. Simply apply a small amount onto the eyes and bring out your natural glow.

If you are going for a formal dinner, try bringing the focus to your eyes by blending contrasting shades of smokey eye make-up, gold, silvers and more.

Trick 3: Bigger eyes

Bigger and brighter is eye catching.

Do you have small eyes? Fret not. Easily make your eyes pop out by applying a white eye pencil. While black kohl pencils look sexy and mysterious, whites make the eyes look brighter.

Line your inner eyes with the white kohl pencil and simply apply glossy eyeshadows on the top lids while you blend the same eyeshadow below the lash line. Load your lashes with mascara and you will be good to go.

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Trick 4: False-lash effect

Oops! I revealed the most common secret of all – false lashes.

You might find it difficult to apply the fragile fake lashes at home so here are some secret tips to give you the same effect. You will need:

  • A lash curler
  • Long lash mascara
  • A paper card
  • Warm water

Dip your lash curler in hot water for about 5-6 seconds and then curl away. This step ensures a long-lasting effect.

Secondly, place a business card or similar sized card under your lashes and start applying your mascara. This way, your lashes will be loaded with the product without ruining your precious eye make-up as well as offer you the best results.

After you are finished stroking your lashes, set the card aside. Wait for a couple of minutes and apply the second coat the old-fashioned way.

older woman plucking eyebrowsTrick 5: Don’t forget your eyebrows

Eyebrows say a lot about your face from the start. Undone or overdone brows can give the wrong impression.

If you have painted the best smokey eyes makeover, but left your brows undone, you’ll drop a few points from the score sheet. Brows are equally important.

Thread your brows into an arch or a round shape. Apply the brow pencil and brush it away.

 Trick 6: Hues complementing your eyes

The trick to creating fuller-looking, gorgeous eyes is choosing the hues that are opposite to your original eye colour on the universal colour wheel, be it eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara or the kohl pencil. Get your eyes the attention they need by following the expert opinion:

  • Blue eyes: purple and brown hues
  • Brown eyes: blues and greens
  • Green eyes: purple and black hues
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Trick 7: Play around with new techniques

They are your eyes. Bring out your creativity and play around with new methods and techniques. For instance, go for the ombre shadow effect. By merging different colours onto your lids, you obtain a chic look.

Go for an Arabic winged eyeliner or the dramatic eyeliner style and click away some snaps for Instagram. New techniques will lead you to what suits you best.

I’m sure that after following these superb tips you will get gorgeous eyes, effortlessly. So, why wait? Go and start practising to achieve a great new look.

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Jennifer is a fashion stylist and lecturer. With a vast experience in beauty tools and accessories design, she turned to the creative side and has been named as one of the top fashion bloggers. She also has a passion for mountain climbing.