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The school reunion invitation, we’ve all had them. Many of us will spend days trying to decide whether to go or not, worrying whether our lives will sound interesting enough.

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Well I’m now a regular ‘reunion’ attendee. I don’t know whether it was because I went to school abroad, which created a special bond between the children, or because the school itself made an effort to get an alumni group going. Either way I think they’re great.

Facebook can be credited with rekindling many friendships from my school days and so many people turned out for the reunion.

With Facebook we all know what everyone’s up to so we don’t have any of those embarrassing ‘what are you doing’ conversations. We just enjoy the occasion, each others’ company and party!

Sadly some of our childhood traits take a back seat when we grow up and take on more responsibilities. But when you get together with your schoolfriends, all those inhibitions disappear and you can truly relax. We all get to be a little bit more like we were at school. Yes I’m still the girly swot and the jokers of the classroom are still the ones ready to make fun.

Many of the friendships that were dear to me while I was growing up are back in my life and I love that. The reunions are our way of making sure we still get together to see each other.

And we alternate reunions between England and Holland as people are spread far and wide. This means that all of us get the opportunity to revisit places from our childhood too.

Yes it takes effort, but believe me it’s worthwhile.

Thanks to reunions and Facebook, many of the friendships that were dear to me while I was growing up are back in my life.
I love that.

At the 2009 reunion I met up with a very close friend I’d not seen since I’d left school. She lives in Canada so our paths hadn’t crossed. Since then she’s helped me through some really difficult times. She’s had some similar experiences to me and her friendship has been invaluable. She’s helped me more than she knows.

I’ve always kept in touch with my university flatmates, we’ve known each other over 30 years now. We meet up 4 or 5 times a year and can share absolutely anything with each other and know that we are always at the end of a phone if needed.

Too much of our lives can be spent trying to be something others want us to be. I have shared so many ups and downs with friends from my younger years; friends you can really be yourself with.

I just love the times when I can be me and I’m really lucky that school reunions are one of those times.

So the next time the invitation lands on the doormat, maybe think about it for a little bit longer – you never know who you might meet up with.

A few ideas if you’re thinking of organising a school reunion:

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