Rosie’s gardening tips for October

Rosie shares her gardening tips and know-how.

rosie gardening OctoberLawns. We can reduce our mowing frequency now that the grass is growing more slowly. If you’ve not had time to rake or scarify during September, to remove any old dead grass and moss, try to do that this month.

To reseed any bare patches in your lawn, mix a little grass seed with  some compost and sharp sand, then dig the site to loosen the soil before sprinkling your seed mixture over the worn area.

Eventually, when they’ve rotted down, dead leaves make wonderful leaf mould/compost and if you “hoover” them up when you mow your lawn, they will decompose much more quickly because they’ve been shredded so can be added to your compost heap.

Compost. Talking of compost, my favourite subject, you can hopefully now use some of your homemade compost. Lift your bin off the heap and see if the organic matter has rotted down enough to use. If it has not decomposed or if it’s still sticky, it’s not quite ready.

It may be that only the bottom of the heap is ready to use. If that’s the case use what’s good and mix/stir up the rest and put it back in the compost bin for a few more months. Don’t be disheartened though. It really is worth waiting for. If, however, it is ready you can spread it onto your flower beds, around your plants and shrubs being careful not to cover any.

Planting. Plant spring flowering bulbs about three times the depth of the bulb but leave planting your tulip bulbs until November. Choose bulbs that feel firm. Now is a good time to move or add plants to your borders, while the ground is still warm. Tidy away summer bedding and replace them with plants that will look good over the winter.

rosie gardening OctoberWeeding and tidying. You’ll be pleased to know that this could be the final weeding session of the year although it is an excellent opportunity, over the winter, to tackle those parts of the garden that you’ve not managed to deal with during the summer.

The areas that you concentrated on this season will, hopefully, stop producing weeds for a few months but it is a good idea to check for any stubborn weeds periodically.

Wildlife. Check under bonfire piles for hedgehogs or frogs before lighting them and give your birdbath a good wash with warm water soapy, rinse and then refill.

Happy gardening.

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