Rosie’s gardening tips for May

Gardening tools, watering can, seeds, plants and soil on vintage wooden table. Spring in the garden concept background


Gardening tools, watering can, seeds, plants and soil on vintage wooden table. Spring in the garden concept background Continue to mow your lawn on a regular basis and if you haven’t done so already, give it a little dose of lawn feed. We’ve found the easiest one to use is the type that’s designed to be sprinkled on, straight after mowing.

Don’t cut the grass too short initially but lower the mower blades gradually over the next few weeks.


Try to keep on top of the weeding and although, I’m sorry to say the weeds will keep coming, if you keep them from dropping their seeds now, there will be considerably less of them, each time you tackle that area and of course your garden will look more beautiful as well.

Keep an eye out for those little shoots of bindweed too, which will inevitable pop through the soil now and again. Cut them to about 2 inches and then squirt them regularly with biodegradeable weedkiller so that they don’t get out of hand. When using weedkiller, always remember to protect any plants near the weed you’re trying to get rid of.


Prune your camellias into the shape you like, as soon as possible after they’ve finished flowering. Cut each branch close to a young shoot without removing the shoot from the stem.

General plant care

If you detect black spot or powdery mildew on the leaves of your roses, cut out the infected shoots. Obviously, the earlier you can do this the better, in order to minimise the spread of infection.

Put plant supports in place around delphiniums and other tall plants now before they grow too large. I’ve found the very simple semi circular supports the best because they are quite easy to adjust during the growing period, without damaging the plant unlike other supports that are available.

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Containers and baskets can be planted up now and you can also sow parsley, basil and dill seeds outside this month.

Weed around your strawberry plants and feed them weekly or fortnightly with tomato feed. Also put straw around them, to keep them dry and to discourage slugs and snails.

Wild Life

Keep bird feeders topped up and bird baths clean and filled with fresh water. Do not use whole peanuts at this time of the year because they could choke the tiny chicks.

Happy gardening!

Rosie Fifield

About Rosie Fifield

I have always been passionate about gardening and after many years of just tending to my own, I set up my own successful business. I love everything about it from pruning and weeding to garden design and there's nothing I love more than to spend the day knee deep in my compost heap. As well as my passion for gardening I love going on sunny holidays abroad and thrive on spending quality time with my friends and family.