Rosie’s gardening tips for April

Branch of yellow forsythia flowers blooming in spring on a blue sky background.

Rosie shares her gardening tips for April.


rosie on her lawnYour lawn needs to be mown weekly or fortnightly now. It’s also a good idea to apply a spring feed and there are products that include moss killer, weedkiller and fertiliser which might be useful if your lawn is anything like ours!

If the edges of your lawn are neat and defined it makes a huge difference and this alone makes the garden look tidy. You can do this on your hands and knees with a trowel or if you prefer to stand, use a sharp spade, systematically following the line already there.


I am feeling very remiss that I didn’t mention weeding at all last month and they have been springing up all over the place in my garden! I do apologise most sincerely. Any spare moments you have this month, weed, weed and weed again.

As I say on a regular basis, if you can get the weeds up before they seed, you will prevent all those tiny weed seeds, floating about in the breeze and settling comfortably in your lovely flower beds and around and under your shrubs. I think it’s worth stressing, even though it’s obvious really, that the more of those weed seeds you can prevent planting themselves each year, the less weeding you will have to do next year and the year after that and the year after that. If my sister-in-law is reading this she will be saying, “Oh Rosie, you really do go on!”

Even so, I’m afraid I haven’t quite finished! If you cleared an area inundated with bindweed or something similar last year there will be a few new shoots beginning to appear now. So to prevent them getting out of hand, have a good look around, cut any shoots down to a couple of inches and then start squirting them with a biodegradeable weedkiller on a regular basis.

Remember to make sure the weedkiller doesn’t touch any other plants. In order to do that, I either cut or pull off any leaves of plants nearby or put a brick or stone on the weed to hold it in place, flat on the ground, in order to isolate it. I think that’s it for this month, weedingwise!

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Planting and Pruning

Branch of yellow forsythia flowers blooming in spring on a blue sky background.Remove faded daffodil and tulip flowers but leave the leaves to die back. Plant out sweet peas now, both seedlings and/or sow the seeds directly into the ground.

Feed roses with rose fertiliser. Oh and it’s still a good idea to add mulch, garden compost around your plants.

Prune spring flowering shrubs such as forsythia when the flowers have faded. If you haven’t done so already, cut your lavender bush into a round shape, as hard as you dare, but making sure you leave some new shoots all over/all around it.

Happy Gardening!

Rosie Fifield

About Rosie Fifield

I have always been passionate about gardening and after many years of just tending to my own, I set up my own successful business. I love everything about it from pruning and weeding to garden design and there's nothing I love more than to spend the day knee deep in my compost heap. As well as my passion for gardening I love going on sunny holidays abroad and thrive on spending quality time with my friends and family.