Relax… it’s good for you

Woman in bed with coffee cup reading a book

Life can be hectic but it is important to take some time to relax.

Woman in bed with coffee cup reading a bookIf your first thought was ‘I haven’t got time’ I wouldn’t be surprised. As women we’re traditionally expected to put our families and partners first and ourselves last. For many of us it’s a habit we don’t even question and if we did we’d feel guilty!

The benefits of ‘me’ time

We live very busy, stressful lives and most of us are constantly on the go and feeling overwhelmed, never able to switch off. But did you realise feeling like this can have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health? It’s so important to de-stress regularly but we so often feel guilty about nourishing ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Well let me relieve you of this guilt! A little bit of time out enhances performance at work and home, improves your self perception and improves your relationships with your partner and family. So you see, everyone benefits!

But the benefits for your soul are even greater. Having space can be life changing. Imagine feeling happier, calmer and more contented. It’s a great way to find the strength and vigour you need to cope with life’s daily stresses.

My top tips for your time out:

Show your body some respect 

Most of us don’t have supermodel bodies. When we look at ourselves we tend to focus on the imperfections. But take another look.Your body has carried you through childhood, changed you through adolescence and is supporting you through your adult years. It’s worked hard though all the bumps, breaks and bruises and it’s always been there for you.

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So accept how amazing you really are and show your body some respect and pamper it a little. It deserves that.

Enjoy a massage

This is a great way of saying thank you to your body and the benefits of a relaxing massage can help you in all sorts of ways, not just relieving physical tensions. A good tailor-made massage will help you de-stress, calm your mind and soothe your soul.


Daydreaming makes you more creative and helps you find answers to complex problems.

When you’re taking time out and daydreaming, your brain makes connections from seemingly arbitrary information. This is why great insights often come when you’re relaxing alone in the garden with a glass of wine watching the butterflies and birds or listening to calming music.

Gain clarity on what you want in life

Without clarity on what you need and what you stand for, it’s easy to fall into a pattern where you feel pushed, pulled and dragged around. When you figure out your truth, it’s easier to make choices that steer you toward the life you want, and you don’t waste energy trying to decide what to do.

Unplug yourself

Technology overload is causing us more grief than we like to admit. There’s no denying the benefits but it’s also making us available to the world 24/7, not to mention the damaging effect on relationships through reduced communication and eye contact.

We’re constantly in demand and checking our phones so we never have a minute to ourselves. Why not challenge yourself to be technology free for an hour?

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I often leave my phone behind and take a trip into town. At first, it felt like I’d lost a limb and I panicked that somebody might be trying to contact me with an emergency. But I thought about the good old days of letter writing and landlines and how people coped, and it soon brought me back down to Earth.

Nourish your body

Make time to eat good, real foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and fish.

Supplying your cells with much needed antioxidants, oils, vitamins and minerals will help your body function more effectively, filling you with energy and vitality. Try preparing a lunch of delicious fruit. It takes two minutes to make, cost less than a large high-street coffee and is far better for your skin too!

Taking time out for you can really improve the quality of your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a facial or a massage or reading a book in the park.

Escaping and remembering who you are is vital (it’s not a pamper!) to avoid ill health and unhappiness.

I feel very fortunate that my job is to help people to daydream, snooze and unplug for a calmer, happier and more rejuvenated life.

Misia Smith

About Misia Smith

I'm a skin and wellbeing practitioner based in West Bridgford, Nottingham. I specialise in helping women achieve the healthy and radiant skin they deserve, naturally. But I'm not just about skin, I have a holistic approach to helping my clients reach a state of deep relaxation through tailored massage movements, feeling special and valued and ready to take on the world. I tailor my treatments to each individual taking into account lifestyle and nutrition so its not about a 'beauty' treatment for me. Its about taking care of the whole woman. I have another caring role as founder and Director of Therapists Taking Care of Therapists which takes my caring to a very different place! I hope you enjoy my articles but if there is anything you'd like to know about skin or wellbeing please send in your suggestions!