Ten powerful promotional video marketing strategies to boost your branding influence

promotional video marketing: camera made up of clapper board and popcorn

According to statistics, more than 78 percent of internet users watch at least one online video during the week, which is a large portion of the available market.

promotional video marketing: camera made up of clapper board and popcornHowever, even the best video material can’t help you unless you have a strong strategy that would enable your content to reach the audience in the first place. Therefore, we have decided to share some of the most powerful promotional techniques that will increase your overall market influence as a brand.

1. Create tutorials

Consider providing your viewers with pieces of information that will be useful to them, instead of simply praising your product like it’s the best thing since the invention of the wheel. Tutorials can explain how your product can facilitate the everyday lives of your customers, and show the actual value that your product provides.

2. Ask for feedback

It’s important to feel the pulse of your audience, and the best way to do that is by getting their feedback in form of comments. Through comments, your viewers can show their likes and dislikes, as well as concerns regarding your product. It’s also a good way to upgrade your product, but most importantly each comment raises the chance for additional viewers.

3. Create interactive videos

With live video options available on almost every social network, it is now easier than ever to interact with your followers and gain new ones. Having the chance to answer your audience questions live is even better than replying to comments posted on YouTube videos, as a live option creates a kind of a bond between your brand and the viewers.

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4. Be generous to your viewers

It is always nice to give something in return to people who decide to spend their time watching what you have to say. Provide promo codes at the end of your video, but make sure to announce them in the very beginning.

5. Embed your videos to boost traffic

YouTube is second only to Google when it comes to the number of performed searches. Since statistics tells us that almost 60 percent of the audience would rather watch a video than read textual content, having a video will significantly increase your chances of getting more traffic. In addition, videos, thanks to the incorporation of YouTube and Google, almost by rule have a better search position than other types of content.

6. Mind the colours

It’s important that every aspect of your video material can be associated with your brand. If you wish your audience to remember even a part of your content and connect it to your brand, then make sure that your video is designed in such a way that the colors used in the video are connected to your brand’s visuals.

7. Utilise social networks

Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools for video promotion. With billions of people logging in on a daily basis, these two social networks are arguably the best way to reach more audience thanks to shares, likes, and comment features. You can even boost your reach with just a few dollars invested in sponsored content.

8. Collaborate with influencers

No matter which industry you’re related to, there are always some people connected to that particular industry who already have a massive audience. Publish your videos in collaboration with people who are already famous and have a significant market influence to raise your own brand awareness and get new followers.

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9. Create event videos

When something interesting is going on you have to share it with the audience. Make short videos from time to time in order to keep the followers updated with your brand’s milestones, achievements, and latest attractions.

10. Timing is everything

There’s no exact recipe for a viral video, it has to happen on its own. However, it’s a smart thing to develop videos that reflect on current popular events like Superball, Oscars, or a recent political scandal that has a comedic connotation. These types of videos can generate massive traffic in a short time span.


We hope these pieces of advice will help you scale the influence of your brand, however one has to remember that marketing has only one rule – be more creative than the competition. It’s all about your creativity and the will move forward, especially when the results are not satisfying.