PIP breast implant update – Harrison Clark

Legal action has been taken in order to compensate the victims of the PIP breast implant scandal

breast implantIn March 2010, the UK Government agency that regulates the safety of medicines advised doctors to stop using implants supplied by Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP) due to fears of health risks.

PIP used a non-medical grade silicone in their implants, which meant they were more likely to split.

Are you one of the 40,000 women in the UK to be affected by PIP breast implants?

It has emerged that up to half a million more worldwide have been using PIP breast implants. Although studies have shown that the sub-standard silicone used posed no serious long-term health threats, PIP products were found to be up to twice as likely to burst as other implants.

French Government scientists found that the implants contained chemicals normally used as fuel additives or in the manufacture of industrial rubber tubing.

Despite assurances following reports from the French authorities and NHS Medical Director, Professor Keogh, that the silicone is unlikely to cause harm, women with the implants have been advised to consult their GPs with any concerns.

Around 95% of the women implicated had the PIP implants fitted privately. Those who had the implants on the NHS can have them removed and replaced at no cost; however, private patients can only have them removed on the NHS in England.

The founder of PIP, Jean-Claude Mas, and other PIP officials are due to go on trial in April 2013 accused of illegally using industrial grade silicone in their implants.

Legal action

Action has been taken in the UK in order to compensate the victims of the PIP breast implant scandal and a Group Litigation Order was made by the High Court in Cardiff in March last year to ensure that all the cases are managed and pursued together.

In order to be included within the group, cases are being assessed on an individual basis and are subject to a qualification criteria.
Individuals that do qualify will be included on the claims register to be considered for compensation, should the claim succeed before the Court next year. The case is expected to be heard by the end of 2013.

Those who have not already started a claim will need to do so to be included in this action. The deadline date to be included on the register is expected to be in April 2013.

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