Picking the perfect party dress

little black dresses

Getting your party on: the perfect party dress.

little black dresses

Fortunately, these days designers have become hip wise to the fact that party dresses for women should suit different shapes, flatter different skin tones and look great on women of every age group. Whether you are Caucasian with a peaches-and-cream complexion or happen to be a woman of color with a richly textured complexion, you can find just the right shade of your favorite colour.

And regardless of your figure type, there are dresses that flatter your best features while deflecting attention from figure flaws.

Consider Your Body Type

If you’re generally slender with long legs, you can wear almost any style and look fabulous, but form-fitting dresses that are not too tight show off your enviable figure. If you are of more generous proportions, choose one feature to play up while emphasizing an overall slimming look. For instance, if you are busty, go for a square-cut neckline that is not too low. To play up a round bottom keep your dress relatively high cut in front while going for a dramatic plunge in the back.

Look Age Appropriate

Looking age appropriate doesn’t mean wearing frilly little-girl dresses if you are young or shapeless sacks if you are more mature.  Instead, younger women should celebrate their youth with daring, fashion-forward styles that might not work on more mature women. On the other hand, simple, chic styles often look sensational on mature women.

On the other hand, princess tutus or dresses that hit right at the calf tend not to be flattering to women of any age. If you love tulle, go for a full-length ball gown. As for length, go long for more formal occasions or above the knee for cocktail affairs.

Suit Your Skin Tone

Fair-skinned women should avoid light colors and pastel shades that wash out their complexions. Instead, go for bright, rich colors. Dark-skinned women look sensational in white as well as yellows, pinks and greens.  True red also looks fabulous against very dark skin. Women with medium and olive complexions look great in neutral shades such as black and brown. Blues, reds and warm colors also match medium complexions well.

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Dress for the Occasion

In general, cocktail parties and receptions call for short dresses. If you have a favorite Little Black Dress or Little Red Dress, this is just the sort of occasion for it. On the other hand, charity balls and very formal dinners generally call for long dresses or even ball gowns. If you’re not sure of the proper dress code, don’t hesitate to contact the host or hostess and ask what sort of attire would be appropriate.

Allow for Festive Meals

That dress that you poured yourself into won’t look – or feel – nearly so spectacular after you’ve had extra helpings of turkey and a few glasses of wine. Don’t go slouchy and show up to the family get together or the holiday party in sweats, but do allow for comfort, especially if you’re planning to indulge in holiday treats. You will look better and enjoy yourself more if you can breathe and move freely.

Add New Touches to Old Favourites

If money is tight, look for real-world alternatives to designer looks that are friendlier to your pocketbook. An even better alternative is to “shop” your closet for great classic pieces that you can dress up with new accessories. A staple Little Black Dress that has been trotted out for the last four seasons can look first-wearing new with a new necklace, a contrasting wrap or even a new hairdo.

Spend More for Good Quality

While saving money is an admirable goal, don’t go too cheap. Flimsy fabric and inferior construction will look creased and crumpled long before the party is over. Instead, look for simple, clean lines and a minimum of decorative touches if your budget is tight, and spend your money on high quality fabric. In this particular case, less really can be more.