The Honey Hunter: online dating with Team Italia!

florence-sculpture-300x199God bless Team Italia. They arrived in quick succession. Were they all online together? How did they know I needed a little boost. Lots of ‘complimenti’ fired my way. I’m ignoring age and geography (most are in their twenties and live in Italy) and instead I’m enjoying having beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile and generally being, er, well beautiful. Someone has to think I scrub up OK right! Pity they are all so far away and have mothers of a similar age to me.

What’s this? I’m feeling a moment of warm nostalgia coming my way (cue fade out today and cut to Sorrento, summer of ‘03)… I’m wandering down the street enjoying the sun, when a young man on a scooter dressed in white and wearing large sunglasses stops to tell me something. Such sweet and oh-so-Italian words, Cupido. He a shoota thee arrow.

Of course, what else would Cupido do when faced with my (clearly) beautiful youthful self and a young handsome Italiano?! Sigh.

God bless the men of Italy.

There is one of Team Italia – one of the older ones – who lives in London, Signore Smile, who I can’t decide about. He’s not instantly ‘doing it’ for me. My eyebrow didn’t go up when I looked at his photos. I didn’t feel that quickening boom-buddy-boom of my heart. I didn’t have to press speed dial for the Loin-Fire Brigade. However, he does look as though he would be fun as he is dressed as Zorro in one of his profile photos (childhood crush, along with Captain Scarlet). Is that enough? Can that be enough? Can you ever really get into someone if you are not all that into them from the start?

And then we are back to how much can you actually make of a person from a photo? He might walk with an awesome sexy swagger, knock me to the floor with the electricity from his touch, look at me whilst looking into me intensely with the biggest smile on his face making me unable to wrap my tongue around a word as all I’ll be thinking about is wrapping my tongue around his tonsils.

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Do I just go for it and see what Cupido has to say on the matter? He has been out of arrows so far but he may have been to the arrow shop and stocked up.

Thing is – would he always have to dress as Zorro? Sadly, I fear he would and that would just be embarrassing doing the weekly shop in Sainsbury’s.

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I am a professional photographer based in London. I liberated myself from office life within the travel industry in the summer of 2015 in order to follow my creative passions. Since then I have set up a photography business, finished a travel memoir, ‘Never Mind The Baggage’ (coming spring 2017), and I write The Honey Hunter - a blog about the dating adventures of Missy.