On gratitude, goals and giving…

It’s early, the sun had yet to rise and I have already ticked off one goal, completing an early morning walk.

Beautiful autumn morning in the forest

It was dark, cold and windy but I felt highly motivated as this is one of my goals for this coming year, to go for an early morning walk each day, to exercise, blow the cobwebs away and to appreciate and really experience the true magnificence of nature as the seasons change.

Seeing the different colours, the changing light as sunrise comes earlier, I will be walking in the sun, hearing the world around me waking and feeling the weather in all its glorious ways… wondering at the true awesomeness of life.

As I sat basking in my delight at completing this first walk I smiled at myself, or rather laughed. Really, will I be feeling so self-congratulatory if it is raining or foggy and cold!  I’ll certainly have a rosy complexion and I hope I will still be as motivated. For now, I am grateful for the time to be able to do this, for the beautiful countryside that surrounding me that is inspiring and motivating to get out and for my health that allows me to be able to get up and go out.

Reflecting on happy times

Being grateful led me to reflect on the last two weeks of festivities, the time I have spent with family and friends full of laughter and joy, happy to be with the people I love and who have all made this a special time.

I was then reminded of the gifts I have received and given. Now, I am one of those people who enjoys shopping for gifts and take delight in choosing things that I think are just right for the person.

I don’t always get it right as my family will testify, sometimes their gifts may have been a little wacky, but always sent and received with love. But thinking about the festive period I have also come to appreciate that the gift of time is perhaps the most precious gift of all. Time together, sharing laughter and making new memories, and noticing when to give someone a hand and when to let them be.

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So as I sat sipping my coffee, in danger of edging towards feeling smug for getting on with achieving my first goal of the day, I caught myself, and took time to be grateful. I thought about the different ways I can give over this coming year.

I have my list. Spending time with family and friends, offering free coaching sessions to a local charity, paying forward when I buy a coffee and smiling as I pass people are just a few things on my list which no doubt will get added to.

Today I have truly woken to the power of the 3 Gs, how Gratitude, Goals and Giving interlink in my life to bring me more joy and colour.

As mobile networks develop 4G and 5G networks this year I’ll be staying with 3G to show me the way forward…

About Anne Goodridge

I am a life coach, working with people to reconnect with their dreams and then to become dream achievers. Following traumatic events in my personal life and experiencing work-related stress, I spent some time walking the Camino De Santiago, a 500-mile old pilgrim walk. For me this was life changing. I am now passionate about people overcoming the stress of their daily lives whether it be work related or personal, so they can live the life they want. I am fortunate to live in the beautiful Peak District and am inspired by the environment around me.