Nine tips for summer-ready feet

Summer’s in full swing, which means it’s time to get our toes out and show the world our feet.

If you’ve been keeping yours under wraps for a while, you may need to give them a little TLC before you’re ready to bare.

Here are my top tips for beautiful summer-ready feet:

1. Try a nice, soothing soak. Incorporating relaxing soaks into your footcare routine, either before or after exfoliating to soften your skin, will help your feet stay beautiful all year round.

2. Exfoliate your callouses with an amazing pedicure. Exfoliation is not costly or difficult as you might think. For a great do-it-yourself scrub, mix some oil and kosher salt in a bowl. If your feet need some more intensive attention, you could consider a chemical foot peel.

3. Banish blisters. Blisters are common when you’re suddenly ditching the socks and putting your bare feet into sandals. If you feel a blister forming, the best remedy is to deal with it right away. Blisters are not good for your feet; whack a plaster on it as fast as you can.

4. Always treat your feet like your face. Think how much attention you lavish on your face – then do the same for your feet. Make sure you wash them daily,  especially if you have been wearing open-toed shoes or sandals. A nail brush will help you to brush away dead skin and clean under your nails.

5. Use Vaseline and cotton socks to make your cracked heels super-soft. A great way to soften your feet  is with thick moisturiser or Vaseline, paying extra attention to the balls and heels of your feet. Try doing this after your shower or before you go to bed at night and pop some cotton socks on while you sleep.

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6. Choose correct footwear that helps your feet to breathe. You really need to wear the right footwear, otherwise you will be exposing your feet to bacteria and infections.

7. Always apply suncream. It can be easy to forget your feet when you’re putting on suncream. But they are still susceptible to burning, so make sure you apply your cream from head to toe.

8. Avoid smelly feet… Try a surgical spirit and talcum powder to create sweet-smelling feet.

9. Massage your feet with coconut oil. The best time you can moisturise your feet is before you hop into the bed at night. You can do this effectively with coconut oil or vegetable oil, and then put on a pair of socks while you sleep. You can wipe them off early in the morning; this will remove excess oil in your feet. Just keep in mind that coconut oil or other oils can stain your fabrics.

So there you have it. Super-soft summer feet are at your fingertips…

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