Nine reasons to choose nursing as a second career

Choosing nursing as a second career in your 40s is a great idea. You have lived life already and now you need a job that gives you some kind of satisfaction.

There are so many possibilities at midlife and you should not have to fear the change. It’s a great time to make a switch in your career. At this time in your life you know what you want and what does not work for you anymore.

Becoming a nurse is all about wanting to help others. If you have a passion for this, you should definitely pursue the idea. The fact that there is a shortage of nurses right now is also an advantage. You are not going to have to look for work too long. With this shortage, a lot of new qualified nurses are coming up. Don’t wait for the time when there are too many nurses and not enough jobs. Here are some more reasons you should choose nursing as a second career.

1.  You already have skills

Being in your 40s means that you have a lot of life experience. This cannot be taken for granted. You bring these skills to the table and it is going to help you when you work as a nurse. The experience you have from your previous job is also not wasted.

2.  The demand

Even if it is just for stability, nursing is a great choice for many women in midlife. Seeing as there is such a high demand for nurses right now, you are joining at the right time. Having stability at this stage in your life is such an asset.

3.  Second career motivation

Just knowing that this may be your last career change is going to give you so much motivation. When you were younger, you probably chose a path that was either forced on you or you did not consider your work-life balance. Now that you are wiser, you made sure that this is the career you want to do for the rest of your life. This is going to help you excel.

4.  Maturity

Maturity is not a disadvantage in this instance. In fact, you can use it to your own benefit. Understanding what it means to value your job is also going to be a benefit. This only comes with age. You have seen what it means to be unhappy in a profession. This time around, you will surely make the most of it.

5.  Work-life balance

Nurses have an opportunity to amend their hours to fit into their lifestyle. You don’t have to necessarily choose to work from 9-5. Even if you want to work at night, this is a possibility. Some parents are more inclined to work during the evening or when their kids are at school.

6.  Making a difference

At this stage of your life, making a difference is important. You want to leave a lasting legacy. Being in a profession that is not all about data, but actually making a difference is going to help you build a lot of confidence.

7.  Choices

Being a nurse is not a single career path, you can also choose to specialise. We all enjoy choices and this career gives you exactly that.

8.  Potential growth

You are already used to working hard. This is going to serve you well in your new career. There are so many potential growth opportunities in nursing. If you show that you are capable of doing a lot more, chances are you are going to get the opportunity.

9. The challenge

Being a nurse means that no day is ever the same. You will be working with various patients and anything can happen. If you are done with sitting in an office and not being fulfilled, this is going to work well for you. Challenges makes us stronger and it is a lot better than being bored at the office.

Is nursing a good career choice for you?

Nursing is growing in popularity and you can definitely still make it. Don’t let age hold you back. A lot of people are changing careers at a later stage in their lives. In fact, they are often happier in the new career because they gave it a lot of thought.

It’s better to start now, rather than in another 10 years.