Nine online startup ideas to run your own business

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Online jobs are now almost ubiquitous. People from all over the world now choose to run their own businesses from the comfort of their homes. And what is even more interesting, of all people that are now actively involved in writing and online startups, the major part consists of women.

hands on laptop workingIn fact, The Balance states that “between 1997 and 2006, businesses fully women-owned, or majority-owned by women, grew at nearly twice the rate of all U.S. firms (42.3% vs. 23.3%).”

Moreover, the same source reports that 10.4 million firms in the USA are owned by women, and that means that two of every five firms (or 40.2%) has a female owner.

Wondering what they are doing to make money online? Wonder no more: we have gathered a list of the most profitable jobs available in this area. And if you find that some of them appealing, why not try yourself?

1. Content writer

High-quality content is in high demand these days. People go online to find answers to their questions, and if you are the one with the words, you can make good money creating good content to answer them.

You can establish your own agency and advertise your content writing services. Start with lower rates and increase them as you grow your audience and have a bigger stake in the market.

If you’re considering this option, take your background into account. If you have experience in software development, then offer your services to IT companies. If you are an experienced crafter, let this be the main topic for your content. Your experience should be the starting point of your writing.

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2. Blogging

Did you know that every day at least 2 million blog posts come into being?

Blogging is a highly competitive market. If you want to make your way to the top, you need to do your homework first. Start by researching which niches are less crowded and where you can monetise your blog the fastest. Then analyse in which of these niches you have the highest expertise.

3. Online tutoring

You can teach all sorts of subjects via Skype or other online means. It is quite common for people all over the world to look for such services online.

Create a website where you advertise your services, gather letters of recommendation (if possible) to display or create an account at an existing website for freelance tutors.

Tutoring is a very convenient way of teaching since you do not need to leave home to visit your student. But it does have its own issues like time zone difference, language barriers (if you work with foreign clients), etc.

4. Software development

If you have the talent for software development, regardless of your experience in this area, then you might pick up freelance projects at sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

5. Travelling business

If you are passionate about travelling, then maybe having a travel blog or starting a whole new travel business is for you. Promoting tours to exotic countries, writing reviews or advertising interesting excursions are only a few things you might do daily in this role.

6. YouTube blogger

This niche truly has no limits. You can create videos about almost anything in the world. All you need is a good voice, something to share and the ability to create a positive atmosphere in your videos.

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You will need to master video making and processing, as well as YouTube marketing. The market is big so it will take time and effort to make your channel visible, known and loved. But in the end, it will be worth it.

7. eBook writer

Another fantastic opportunity for women with a solid expertise in key areas, create in-depth analysis and form them into eBooks aimed at a target audience.

However, be ready to post some materials for free to increase your brand awareness, before you become a well-recognised eBook author. Once people recognise your expertise and you are seen as a specialist in your area, you can monetise the business.

8. Event planner

People love having parties, but planning them takes time. If you are both creative and organised, you can do this for them and get paid for these talents.

Start with locals and then transfer the business online by creating a nice website and posting your portfolio on it.

9. Social media marketer

Finally, social media is another source of steady income you shouldn’t forget about.

Brands that want to be known, especially B2C companies, have to be present online. Some experts state that young people spend at least 2 hours a day online, so businesses want to reach out to them via social media marketing. Be the specialist they use when needed.

Start with small communities and then expand the market gradually.

Being an online entrepreneur is an excellent idea for women of all ages and backgrounds. Why not try it today? Which of these jobs would you like to try first?


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