Nine important things you should know about SEO

Every type of business who wishes to expand its reach using SEO (search engine optimization) should be aware of today’s most important SEO factors that make up the game.

In today’s competitive marketplace, knowledge is power, and businesses who leverage the proper knowledge will always thrive, as they’re doing what’s necessary – studying, testing, and practicing.

Before we get to our main topic, let’s have a look at some interesting SEO statistics that’ll reassure you of the significant benefits that can be reaped and leveraged for business growth:

  • As we speak, there are over 63,000 searches per each second, only on Google.
  • On average, 93% of online experiences start with a query inserted in a search engine.
  • 57% of B2B professional marketers believe that Google is the most impactful marketing channel.
  • 39% of the international eCommerce traffic comes from search engines.
  • 61% of marketers suggest that their SEO strategy improvement is one of their top business priorities.

SEO is a complex traffic generation strategy that requires consistent practice backed by testing. In today’s post, we’re sharing 9 essential things you need to know in order to thrive in the SEO fight that you have experienced or the fight that you’re about to experience. Pay close attention!

1. Content is King

If you want to do good business, you must first welcome your prospects properly and offer the right impression. Well, if your website and blog content is good, people will actually read it and interact with it. That counts to your SEO performance, as Google is tracking the activity of the users and the result of the searches.

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2. Links matter

Links matter. They have always mattered, and they will continue to matter. The number of websites pointing at your site’spages are indicatingthe popularity of your website. However, it’s not just the quantity that matters. It’s one thing to be featured by New York Times, and another to be published by a very small niche blog.

Trying to manipulate your backlinks profile will lead to severe consequences, so make sure that you keep your link building game natural.

3. Speed is critical

Google favours websites that load fast. The giant search engine has officially announced this update at the beginning of 2018, and they’re sticking with their decision. For Google, higher loading speed equals a better user experience, and as you’ll soon figure out, UX is one of the most important SEO ranking factors.

4. User experience is essential

User experience is the satisfaction and quality of experience that your website visitors receive. If they access your website without problems, if the pages load very fast, and if yoursite’s navigation is making their search for solutions simpler, it means that your brand is offering a quality UX.

Google’s main purpose is to deliver value through relevancy. So, if someone ends up on yourpage after performing a search, Google is somehow responsible for their experience. If users spend time on your page and click on your links, Google will know that you have delivered on your promise.Otherwise, negative consequences will arise.

5. Keywords are slowly losing their importance

A few years ago, marketers were obsessed with optimizing keywords. Many SEO marketers were identifying patterns that would tell which keyword density is perfect.

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Nowadays, keyword density is no longer as relevant as it used to be. The artificial intelligence era is here, and Google is tracking everything in a much smarter fashion. When it comes to keyword stuffing, this is no longer a palpable topic to discuss.

6. Analytics are key to improved performance

If you want to keep your SEO game in check, you need to constantly analyze and measure your performance. Your SEO campaigns can always be improved, so make sure that you leverage the best SEO analytics tools to find better solutions.

7. Honesty is crucial

Google appreciates honesty and absolutely hates deceivers. If you’re trying to manipulate Google’s algorithm and play with their rules, they’ll make sure you’ll never see the first page again.

Keyword stuffing, paid backlinking, and any other black-hat SEO attempts will get your website and Google account penalized.

8. Patience is key

SEO is a strategy that demands patience. What you do today may impact your rankings in a few months, so don’t rush and make hasted conclusions. SEO is a long journey, and search engines are expecting you to remain consistent and persistent in your approach.

9. Social signals help

Social media signals like comments, shares, likes, and all the other signals can prove to be helpful in your SEO fight. If one of your blog articles gets shared a thousand times, you’ll receive a lot of unique website visitors (signal 1). Your website will receive social links, as people are sharing your content (signal 2). Google is very well aware of the other social media channels, so a high activity on popular channels can influence your authority (signal 3).

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Improving your SEO game is a matter of knowledge, skill, and practice. Take our suggestions into consideration and start improving your SEO game right now. The benefits are truly worth it, and the journey will get simpler as you move through it.