New wardrobe, new you…time for a style detox

Many of us turn to detoxing as a way of boosting our health and restoring our energy levels. Like detoxing during January, cutting down on junk food and alcohol.

Young woman ist overcharged to choose her clothes

But did you know that it’s not just you that can benefit from a detox?

If, like me, you love shopping (or even if you don’t), you’re likely to have spent years buying clothes without any planning and now find that you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear.

So now’s the time to take action and detox that wardrobe…

Most of us buy individual items without thinking about which outfit they would help to create. Having a wardrobe crammed full of clothes often makes us feel stressed and disorganised, so make clearing out the clutter a new detox.

I promise you’ll find something that you had completely forgotten about. It’s like going shopping for free!

My top tips for clearing out your wardrobe are below, but before you begin you’ll need to come to terms with the fact that you’ll probably be discarding more than half of what you own.

Don’t feel guilty about this, feel confident. Your life will be much more hassle free by having a well-managed and organised wardrobe and in the long run you’ll save time and money.

Having fewer clothes in a capsule wardrobe is liberating and is a great way of clearing your mind and helping you to focus.

The main aim is to have more quality and flexibility than quantity. You can easily use accessories to change the look of an outfit and update classic items each season.

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Reflect your lifestyle

One of the most important things is to build a wardrobe that’s appropriate for your lifestyle and to fill in any obvious gaps.  A successful wardrobe has most pieces that you wear on a regular basis, with only a few items reserved for special occasions.

If your lifestyle has changed recently, then think about what type of clothes will suit your new circumstances.

The key aspects of your life need to be reflected in your wardrobe and it should be sectioned accordingly. Try to make sure you have the right percentage of garments in each category for the amount of time that you attribute to these areas of
your life. These could include:

  • Casual
  • Smart casual (day time)
  • Smart casual (evening)
  • Smart / black tie (evening)
  • Sportswear – gym / winter sports / summer sports
  • Loungewear
  • Work

Cleaning your closet

When your wardrobe’s empty it’s a great opportunity to clean it thoroughly. Wipe down shelves, hoover and pop in some cedar wood (the most effective anti-moth device).

Editing your wardrobe

There are some simple tricks you can follow to make sure you’re keeping your wardrobe clear and clutter free:

  • Pack up and store any clothes you’re keeping for emotional reasons.
  • Check for items that have lost their shape, bagged at the bottom or the knee or look shabby and outdated. Put these out for recycling.
  • Keep an eye out for any fetishes – bags, belts, shoes, polo necks and bring this fetish out into the open!
  • Don’t fall into the trap of saving clothes for the next fashion cycle. It will be different the next time round and your outfit will still look out of date.
  • Ask yourself why you haven’t worn something for two years. If it doesn’t fit, it’s the wrong colour or you don’t like it, sell it. If it needs something else to go with it, add it to your shopping list.
  • Decide whether to keep or throw an item by asking yourself ‘do I feel fantastic when I put this on?’ If not, get rid!
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Storing your clothes

Jumbled piles of clothes mean garments that get shoved to the bottom of a drawer and forgotten. Taking just a few minutes to store your clothes and accessories sensibly will make a world of difference:

  • Hang everything you possibly can – keep it all in sight and stack on shelves rather than in drawers.
  • Create two hanging levels so you can see bottoms in relation to tops.
  • Use the inside of doors for extra hanging space (hooks are great for jewellery).
  • Store shoes on a shoe rack with shoe trees, or in see-through plastic boxes.
  • Don’t crowd your closet – let your clothes hang freely to prevent wrinkling.
  • Use the loops of tape sewn into a garment to slip over the hanger hook and support its weight.
  • Avoid hanging fuzzy fabrics next to wools that attract lint.
  • Hang belts by the buckle to prevent cracking.
  • Organise tights by shade and denier and keep with other underwear in plastic zip wallets.
  • Store handbags in their cotton-protection bags.
  • Store clothes by season and rotate winter and summer each year. This helps to remind you to re-evaluate your wardrobe twice a year, too.
  • Hang the same types of clothes together, and order them by colour. It’s also a good idea to deconstruct a suit and mix it with other items.

Super-smart shopping

As you detox your wardrobe, it’s essential to make a list of missing items as you go along and also note the pieces that need to be matched. I suggest keeping a list of these items pinned to the wardrobe door or in your handbag. That way you are more likely to see them when out shopping and hopefully it will curb your need to impulse buy.

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Happy detoxing and hello stylish new you!