A Debutante Again!

By the Fashion Editor


There is very little more embarrassing – or prone to put you on the spot – than being asked to talk about your style. After all, what we wear and how we wear it is a matter of personal taste and there is nothing worse than some know-all, ivory tower, perfect looking type telling the rest of us what we should and shouldn’t put on.

And I assure you, I am none of those. In fact some days it is as much as I can do to get out of the track suit bottoms and hoodie I usually throw on to take my daughter to the bus.

On the other hand, accepting that I am the Fashion Editor for these pages, and that I like to see what other women (especially ones who write for magazines or newspapers) are wearing, I could hardly say no when the Editor asked me to share something of my own wardrobe with you. What follows is not intended to be a definitive guide on what to wear, or even a recommendation about how you should look. It is simply a glimpse of what I am actually enjoying at the moment, and what I will be wearing when the Christmas party season begins. And not all of the clothes were bought recently – in fact the majority have been in my wardrobe for a year or more.

A word of caution; I am naturally quite a thin person. In fact, over the years, friends have been infuriated by my ability to eat rather large amounts and not necessarily get any larger. At times this has been a problem. Having a slim and boyish figure is OK when one is young, but a whippet thin face is not necessarily forgiving on the more mature woman. Also, when I have added a bit of weight (and gained the curves I always envied in my more ‘normal’ shaped friends), times of busyness and stress have tended to melt all that comforting padding away again. Currently, I am in between, although that may still come across as a bit thin. So please don’t look at these pictures and think I am modelling an ideal body type either; this is just how I am. And we are all different.

Our individuality is what makes getting dressed such fun!

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Heather Boal-Russell


Do look out for Heather’s first instalment of “My Style” next week – Ed.

About Heather Boal-Russell

Like many women of my age (52 – just), I have had several careers, including lawyer, sales manager and teacher. I am also a wife and the mother of three daughters, and recently added grandmother (of the wonderful Alettia) to my list of accomplishments. Having grown up in Northern Ireland, my heart is still drawn to the sea but I now live in beautiful rural Sussex - ideally placed for Gatwick Airport (travel definitely broadens the mind) and those inspirational shopping (and, of course, cultural) trips to London.