My HERO product: RevitaLash eyelash conditioner

Want beautiful long, fluttering lashes every day?

Revitalash productsI can’t tell you how many people compliment me on my long lashes or ask if I’ve had eyelash extensions. Women slipping me notes in meetings and beauty therapists admire them. Of course they’re natural (with a bit of help).

Frankly I look like a cast member from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in false eyelashes – stick-ons or extensions, which cost too much and are a faff to maintain anyway. Then about two years ago, I saw an advert for RevitaLash eyelash conditioner and gave it a go.

All it took was a small amount of the liquid on my eyelashes every day before bed.

At first I couldn’t see a difference but then after just a month my eyelashes were long and thick with a sweeping curl. Gorgeous if I say so myself.

Now I just use it every other day to keep them looking lush.Woman with long eyelashes

It’s not cheap, but your lashes are long every day, no messing or maintenance.  And I only need one sweep of mascara.

So I’d say that pound for pound it’s good value for money. I’ve tried the cheaper versions and they just don’t have the same oomph.

If that’s not enough, there’s a lovely story behind RevitaLash. This was developed by a doctor as a special gift for his wife who was recovering from breast cancer. Chemotherapy had left her without eyelashes, and he helped develop this to give her the beautiful lashes she had before.

They’re still committed to donating some of the proceeds from RevitaLash sales to benefit cancer research.

I’ve recommended it to friends who’ve tried it and love it. One of the small tubes lasts for months but stock runs out so I buy back ups from Amazon just in case.

RevitaLash do other products, mascaras, hair products and one of my friends swears by RevitaBrow. She’d over-plucked her eyebrows but they’ve grown back beautifully.  Personally I’d like to try the hair products but it’s far too expensive for everyday – maybe for a very special occasion.

I wouldn’t give up RevitaLash eyelash conditioner. My friends that have tried it feel the same.

This is definitely one of my HERO products.

Note: Deborah has always paid for her own RevitaLash

Deborah Garlick

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  • sharonearp

    I’ll definitely be trying the RevitaLash, thanks for the tip!

  • Helen Miller

    My hero product is RapidBrow.
    I’ve never been big in the eyebrow department and after a years of plucking the living daylights out of them I have been resigned to using eyebrow pencil for decades. Its really hard to get a natural shape, texture and colour with pencils and there is always the dread that you will rub your eye, remove half an eyebrow in the process and spend the rest of the day unawares that you are sporting odd brows – a bit like going to work in a pair of non matching socks.
    I was very sceptical about RapidBrow, but intreagued by some of the customet comments on Boots web site.
    Its a clear gel /serum that you apply morning and night to your brows as part of your normal skincare regime . It just looks like clear mascara in a mascara style pack. For about 3 weeks nothing happened and all my prejudices were confirmed. But in week 4, it felt like overnight I was suddenly sporting thick ( for me, normal for everyone else), dark brown brows. By week 6 I was plucking !
    I really cant believe it, my brows look great and I dont need pencils any more.
    The twice a day application is important. Forgetting the odd night doesnt matter but I forgot to take it on holiday and after a week I was back on the pencils. So its always in my make up bag now, forever and ever….

  • Helen Miller

    And here is a pic of Rapidbrow!

  • Snowqueen

    I can vouch for this product, my daughter has been using it and her lashes are transformed!