My HERO product: DiaryDoll pants

I recently came across DiaryDoll – a creation of TV presenter Carol Smillie and her friend and business partner, tennis star Annabel Croft.

DairyDoll pants in baby blue

DiaryDoll from Boots

They’re pants. No, not Carol and Annabel – the product. It is pants, in the literal sense. Special pants with a secret waterproof lining. Perfect, apparently, for periods, pelvic floor and post-maternity problems.

As soon as I saw them, and read the excellent reviews, I realised that I need these pants in my life. No more fretting about Aunt Flo’s surprise visits, nor having to sleep on a towel for several nights a month.

I ordered my pants – and I wasn’t disappointed when they arrived.

They mostly look and feel like regular pants. Designed to be worn with your usual sanitary protection, their secret weapon is a lightweight, waterproof lining between the layers of fabric in the gusset, trapping any embarrassing leaks and providing extra reassurance.

They sit quite low on the tummy – so not exactly ‘granny pants’ – and the gusset is wider than other knickers, which helps to make them super effective.

They’re made of a breathable cotton modal fibre mix, which makes them easy to air dry after washing, and they’re comfy, too. They’re available in black, baby blue and pale pink – an option for every outfit.

Most importantly, they provide a level of reassurance that other underwear just doesn’t give if you have heavy periods or a sensitive bladder.

At £14.95, DiaryDoll pants are more expensive than your normal ‘period pants’ but the peace of mind is worth every single penny. They’re available in store and online at John Lewis, too.

Those who know me will know that I don’t part easily with my hard-earned cash, but I even went on to order a second pair. That, in itself, speaks volumes!

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