My breast cancer journey

Marilyn’s breast cancer journey: beating cancer with alternative treatments.

hospital signMarilyn, 62, was told she had breast cancer 8 years ago. Here she explains how she faced her diagnosis head on and healed herself holistically. This is a personal account of one person’s journey.

In August 2007 I was diagnosed with Grade 1 breast cancer.

My consultant recommended that I have a lumpectomy and removal of some lymph nodes and said that this would be followed up with radiotherapy. As you can imagine, this was said to me almost in one sentence. And of course, when you are told this news your mind immediately becomes a blur.

At the time I had my 17-year-old son with me and he was holding the hands of the MacMillan nurse with tears rolling down his face. I was in a daze, full of fear and feeling my life was coming to an end. I just wanted to make it all ‘go away’.

Something inside me was telling me to take a deep breath and ‘Hold Fire’ in responding to the consultant. I needed time to think. My brain was a mish-mash. Thankfully, the consultant agreed to thinking time and gave me three weeks to come back to him with a decision as to whether I wished to have the lumpectomy and radiotherapy.

Prior to my diagnosis, my mum had had a mastectomy in 2006 and in 1997 my sister died at the age of 37 with colon cancer. So you can understand how fearful I was. Thankfully, my mum who is now 85 years young is still going strong and so is my father who is now 86 years young. We are made of strong ‘stuff’ in our family.

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After the diagnosis my life completely changed for the better. I came out of the hospital with my son Owen and said I wanted to look at holistic/complementary ways of dealing with my ‘DIS-EASE’.

Owen’s words were gave me such a boost and I knew I could beat the cancer.

You can do it Mum and I will support you all the way.

The start of my Journey began when I saw a Healer. She knew nothing about my diagnosis but after placing her hands on my shoulder she said she had felt a lump on my left breast and asked me if I had read the book called The Journey by Brandon Bays. It was her advice that I should read this book before making any decisions about going ahead with conventional treatment.

brandon bays book coverBrandon Bays was diagnosed in 1992 with a tumour the size of a rugby ball in her uterus. She chose not to follow the scientific treatment route but look at alternative ways of dealing with her ‘DIS-EASE’. Brandon refused drugs and surgery, instead discovering a powerful direct path to the potent healing power of the soul. Brandon’s story really intrigued me and after reading the book, I found a ‘Journey Practitioner’ in my area named Marion Young.

Marion helped me on my Journey to awaken my own infinite potential and set me free to process work on myself. This was a pioneering vision of an entirely new paradigm for healing. My Journey was a powerful, step-by-step means to find direct access to the soul, the infinite intelligence that is within us all, as we each have the ability to self-heal.

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I recognised that I had allowed my life to take its toll on my health and once I started my Journey I started looking at issues I hadn’t realised I had buried. Some of these went back to my childhood and beyond. I say beyond, because I believe we do inherit issues from our ancestors which need to be cleared.

At the time of my diagnosis, I had been working in the film/tv industry as a script supervisor. My marriage had come to an end as my husband was an alcoholic and consequently I was working very long hours as well as bringing up my son as a single mum.

My Journey forced me to face my deepest darkest issues that had manifested into anger and I believe that it was this that caused the ‘DIS-EASE’ in my body. It was not an easy route but I felt very strongly that I wanted to ‘OWN’ my ‘DIS-EASE’ and not hand it over to the consultant.

I know that the conventional route of medicine can produce amazing results but I felt that I wanted to draw from within myself and take charge of my body. I do believe that cancer is not a disease, it is a survival mechanism.

marilynMy Journey was extraordinary and on the fifth anniversary of my diagnosis I went to the Marsden Hospital for a check-up. My consultant was shocked and amazed when he discovered how my cancer had shrunk. He said it was a miracle and Owen who had accompanied me had the biggest smile on his face.

During my period of recovery, I studied Colour Therapy and in the second of this two-part series, I shall explain what Colour Therapy involves.

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For further information on Marilyn’s story or if you are interested in a treatment, please see her website.  She has asked us to add this note: