More confidence… more success

What would you do with your life if you had unstoppable confidence?

The kind of confidence that lets you step up, step out and enjoy all the success you know you deserve.

confident woman punching the airIsn’t it frustrating knowing you are an expert at what you do but just not enough people know you even exist?

You probably know someone who isn’t as good as you are but who has more clients and making more money than you…how unfair is that?!

It really is all down to how much confidence you have, giving you the guts to take bigger action and get bigger results.

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Michele Walsh

The mind plays powerful tricks and can play havoc with how successful you become, how much you value your service and how much money you earn.

At Henpicked, we know from your articles that many of you are running your own businesses. And we’ve teamed up with Michele Walsh, coach and NLP practitioner, to bring you a workshop designed to help you make those tricky business decisions with confidence.

On the workshop, Michele will be covering areas such as how to:

  • Realise you are so much more than ‘good enough’
  • Get invincible confidence and really ‘go for it’
  • Discover where the chinks in your confidence have come from
  • Understand only thing keeping wealth from you is you
  • Achieve everything you want in life and more
  • Look at the opportunities around you that you just can’t see at the moment

It’s a one-off event and we’d really love it if you can join us.

Date: Mon 2 March
Arrive: 6.45pm for 7pm start
Finishes: 9pm
Cost: £20 (parking, tea, coffee and cake included)
Location: The Beeches Hotel, Nottingham NG2 7RN

Booking your place (numbers are limited so you need to book)

You can pay using Paypal or a credit/debit card to book your place:

If you have any questions contact us.

Deborah Garlick

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I'm the founder of Henpicked. I love reading the wonderful stories and articles women send us - I read every one. I've learnt so much and hope others enjoy them too. I believe life's about being happy and that we're here to help one another. And that women are far wiser than they often realise, so let's stop putting ourselves down.