META-Health: what does it mean?

Increasingly, people are looking to complementary therapies, remedies and treatments, as we continue to discover the importance of taking a holistic approach to our health.

Woman looking out to sea at sunsetWhich is where META-Health comes in.

What exactly is META-Health?

If you visit your doctor they will treat only the symptom you present with. So if you have a bad knee, they will recommend treatment or medication purely to heal your knee, and not consider the rest of you.

META-Health offers an assessment framework that determines which particular stresses in your life – whether past or present – could be responsible for causing your issue, and then offers a combination of holistic therapies and lifestyle suggestions which will get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Each symptom has a precise biological and psychological meaning that can be mapped out as a process. A META-Health practitioner can show you this process, effectively allowing you to discover your own range of solutions for your own health issues.

We work with the medics and some of us can interpret modern diagnostics like blood results, and CT scans and in fact use them as part of the assessment. Medicines have a role to play in treatment at times and can be the answer for some people and certainly a brilliant “holding measure” while we work with them.

Why do I only get eczema in my right elbow?

Here’s an example to illustrate what I mean. I only ever get eczema – red, itchy, flaky skin in the bend my right arm. My pharmacist training can’t tell me why, just there and nowhere else, but my META-Health training can. I know for me it’s a form of stress and stress has long been cited as a major cause of ill health.

I know the red flaky skin is all about feeling separated. For me, my right side represents the feminine, for example a mother figure or my home or my nest.

The eczema only ever occurs on the inside bend of my elbow, so that tells me it’s about something I want to pull towards me in life (as in hugging towards me).

When I realise this belief is running and take some time to change how I feel/ think/experience that belief, the ezcema settles all on its own without the need to use any creams, take any medication or pay any trips to the doctor. It’s a wonderful way of just allowing my body to heal itself.

The META-Health process

Body, spirit, mind BalanceWhen you visit a META-Health practitioner they will take you through an in-depth assessment. All practitioners operate slightly differently but there is a basic framework which we all follow, comprising questions about your symptoms, feelings, stress triggers and general wellbeing.

There is nothing invasive done during the assessment, and it is mainly based around talking. I sometimes throw in some muscle testing, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), or elements of Chinese medicine diagnosis, combined with my pharmacist training assessment techniques.

From here, you and your practitioner will produce your own unique health plan, which can include mind, body, spirit and social and environmental changes, allowing you to heal on all these levels.

Applying META-Health to common symptoms

Itching is something many people experience at some point, and META-Health tells us this is generally about separation from something or somebody.

Diarrhoea is usually about wanting to get rid of something or somebody from your life.

Muscle pain is related to self worth, and headaches and stomach cramps tend to have their own separate meanings. The good news is that, according to our META-Health map, by the time you’re experiencing pain, you’re out of the stressed phase and your body is starting to heal itself.

These are fairly common symptoms which can be related to a number of things. So, for example, one person may experience itching as a result of a food allergy, while another may get diarrhoea. We work on discovering what is causing these specific symptoms in you, as they are generally signals from the body to tell us something, whatever their source.

Who can benefit from META-Health?

Anyone. But META-Health is particularly useful for those who find that traditional medicines and treatments aren’t working for them. It’s about changing your approach to your health, and looking at your emotions combined with spiritual, environmental and social factors.

The really great thing about META-Health is that it really is programmed just for you – and your practitioner may suggest just one aspect you need to focus on, or they may suggest a range of therapies. For example, I have used acupuncture, nutrition, Chinese medicine, EFT and homeopathy as suggested remedies for patients.

For me, META-Health is about taking control of your body and mind, being open to a range of solutions and working on specific stresses which trigger your symptoms.

Your body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, and META-Health is the key to helping you unlock this potential…

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About Megan Smith

I’m a Clinical Pharmacist as well as a META-Health Practitioner and Trainer, Emotional Freedom Techniques (Adv) Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting using EFT Practitioner, ACE level 1 Practitioner and Foods for Life Practitioner. I have more than 18 years’ experience in advising on the use of medicines, and have worked in hospitals, chemist shops and other organisations. You can find out more on my website.