Menopause: what every woman needs to know

Our Menopause Roadshow reaches Birmingham on 16th October!

Do you want to know the menopause facts vs myths? Or how to be at your best during menopause and beyond?

On 16th October in Birmingham you can discover more than you ever knew possible about Menopause.

The Park Regis Hotel – Sky Loft is the venue set to welcome a world class collection of speakers and exhibitors in association with Henpicked, focusing on this essential topic during the week of World Menopause Day 2019. Sponsored by Emepelle, Sylk UK & Vitabiotics.

Our associates Fountain Retreats are offering, in the prize Draw during the evening, the chance for you & a friend to WIN a place at one of their amazing Menopause Retreats – worth £400 – and everyone will receive a 25% discount voucher in their goodie bag!

Director of Henpicked Deborah Garlick explains why this event is such an important part of a very busy schedule for her company, and why every women needs to know about menopause.

“Often referred to as The Change, we want everyone to talk about menopause openly without embarrassment and those suffering with physical & mental challenges, associated with hormonal decline, to have the help and support they need. It’s time we all sailed through menopause and enjoyed this next phase of our lives.

Places are limited: book now – click here

Many of us associate going through menopause with getting older. And while most women start noticing symptoms during their 40’s, some will go into early menopause – either naturally or due to surgery – while others are in their 50’s before they hit menopause.”

Surprisingly, considering the menopause is nothing new, there is a huge amount of confusion on the types of treatments and solutions between not only women themselves, but also the medical profession. After the astounding success of #BBCMenopause in May 2019, which featured Deborah and several of her associates, the team at Henpicked decided the conversation needed to continue. After a hugely successful event in Nottingham in July they now bring the 2nd in the series to Birmingham on 16th October.

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“This event, Menopause: What every women needs to know … has been designed for women of all ages who want to learn more about this sometimes really long phase in their lives, and how best to understand what to expect. To avoid concern & anxiety awareness is essential, as with any bodily process like puberty and pregnancy, but menopause get’s left out in the cold, no pun intended, and women are expected to muddle through. So, wouldn’t it be much nicer for everyone involved, which includes family & friends, if you had clear concise information and if you want support you know where to get it?

It seems like madness to us that in 2019 it’s still so hard for women to get the clarity they need in order to live a full and purposeful life whilst experiencing an internal tornado of hormones.

Henpicked have bought together experts in their field to share the latest on HRT, natural alternatives, remaining active and also the intimate changes you’re least expecting. The venue is stunning and the atmosphere will be fun & informative, with lots of free goodies to take away thanks to our sponsors Emepelle, Sylk UK & Vitabiotics. Other companies who will be featured during the evening include: MenoHealth, Menopause in the Workplace and The Menopause Club

Tickets for the event taking place on 16th October at 6pm, venue The Park Regis Hotel – Sky Loft, Birmingham can purchased on Eventbrite via this link

Meet and hear from our team of experts. Ask whatever’s on your mind!

Why do women experience menopause? When does it happen? What can you do about it if you experience symptoms that get in the way of you enjoying life? Is HRT safe? Is it good for you?

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Places are limited: book now – click here

Our experts include:

Dr Joanne Hobson

With over 30 years experience as a GP and British Menopause Society accredited Menopause Expert, having run a menopause clinic in Nottingham for the last 15 years. Find out more about Dr Hobson here.

Sally Leech

Sally runs The Menopause Club, coaching women face-to-face and online ensuring they feel informed and prepared for their unique journey through the menopause. She is a member of the British Menopause Society and also works as an Associate Trainer with Henpicked – Menopause in the Workplace.
As a qualified Women’s Health Coach, with specialist qualification in menopause transition, she has worked with 1000s of women ensuring they have their best journey through the menopause. Find out more about The Menopause Club here

Julie Robinson

You may have seen Julie on BBC Breakfast during #BBCMenopause and This Morning Live. Her brilliant new MenoHealth classes are a fabulous combination of menopause education, exercise and fun. You can train for a new career as a MenoHealth leader or join a class. Find out more about MenoHealth here.

Deborah Garlick

Founder of Henpicked & Menopause in the Workplace, she has worked with a range of organisations and businesses – UK-wide and international – to take the mystery out of menopause at work and make it easy to introduce the right training, policies and practices. Find out more about Menopause in the Workplace here

Sarah-Jane Pearson

Clinical Director and Aesthetic Practitioner of S3 Skin & Laser, with 25 years experience in the NHS and private sector.

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Sarah Jane has spent the last 10 years working within the Medical Aesthetics arena playing a key role as a consultant in helping other medical practitioners establish clinics. She is recognised as an industry expert and a leading clinical product trainer working alongside many of the top medical aesthetics practitioners in the UK.

And more….

And finish the evening knowing what to do next.

Enjoy a glass of wine or two with friends in the stunning Sky Loft, overlooking the city centre. And grab a bag of goodies, or win a prize in our competition.

Invite your friends, let’s make a lovely evening of learning and chatting about menopause and beyond.

Places are limited: book now – click here

Sponsored by:

Sylk – passionate about intimate well-being and helping women to feel confident and healthy as well as supporting the health professionals who care for them


The UK’s No.1 Vitamin company will be providing free samples of Menopace Plus with active botanicals, a specially formulated food supplement for women during and after the menopause, who are looking for even greater support. Thousands of women worldwide have discovered that Menopace, the UK’s No.1 selling supplement for this stage of life, provides effective nutritional support.


A breakthrough for skin affected by menopause. Emepelle® is the only skincare range to feature MEP Technology®, clinically proven to effectively and safely target the root cause of accelerated collagen loss and skin ageing due to the decline in oestrogen levels.

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