Menopause in the workplace: helpful resources

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We’ve put this collection of information together for you to understand more about menopause in the workplace.

We’d like to see all organisations introduce menopause policies and practices to support menopausal women and help leaders have great conversations.

It’s important to do what’s right for your business, not everyone’s solution would be right for your organisation but these will help you see what others are doing.

Menopause at work

Logo for Nottinghamshire Police

With special thanks to Nottinghamshire Police for sharing their menopause policy and guidance for managers:

You can download their Menopause Policy here (5 pages).

You can download their Managers’ Guide here (9 pages).

You can download their risk assessment document here (3 pages).

Best of the web, thanks to the team from the University of Leicester School of Business:

Faculty of Occupational Medicine: Health and work menopause focus

Useful infographic which contains facts and figures in an easy 2 page format. Here’s the link to FOM or you can download the pdf here.

Faculty of Occupational Medicine Menopause focus







Union documents:

The menopause and work document by Unison TUC Supporting working women through menopause









All these include context of menopause, research and what employers can do:

NUT: Working through the menopause

Here’s the link to NUT or you can download the pdf here (10 pages).

Unison: The menopause and work

Here’s the link to Unison or you can download the pdf here (8 pages).

TUC: Supporting working women through the menopause

Here’s the link to TUC or you can download the pdf here (16 pages).

Other useful documents:

Business in the Community (4 pages) ‘Women, Menopause and the Workplace’

See also  Forum ‘Menopause: work’ – links to videos of women describing their menopause experience at work

North Lincolnshire Council (2013) ‘Guidance on Meeting Specific Needs and Making Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace’ Broader guide which includes menopause.

Flexible working

Some top tips about menopause and flexible working from Vennpoint:

Employment law

Specifically understanding employment law, policies and practices for menopause at work.

For more information on Henpicked’s help and support to understand menopause at work and implement the right policies and practices, get in touch:

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