What is menopause?

When does menopause start and end, what are the different types of menopause, and what happens to our hormones during menopause? 

Diagnosis: menopause

A ‘menopause diagnosis’ isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think. Dr Joanne Hobson explains some of the questions she’s most often asked.

Surgical menopause: the facts

What can you expect if you need a surgical menopause? Here, Michelle explains the facts.

The truth about testosterone for women

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Early menopause: the devastating effects

An early menopause can be a confusing, difficult time for a woman and her family. Deborah explains how The Daisy Network can offer support.

When will the menopause end?

If you have menopausal symptoms, you may wonder ‘when will it all end?’ Dr Suzanne Saideman explains…