My menopause story

Menopause: a journey in pictures

A journey through menopause in pictures… The Climacteric is a creative visual expression of different stages of menopause.

Enjoying my second spring…

From struggling with symptoms to enjoying her ‘second spring’, Juliet tells her menopause story.

Menopause in the police force

What happens when you have an early menopause and a stressful job? Keeley explains how she coped with menopause in the police force.

10 ways to enjoy your second spring

Thinking of menopause as our ‘second spring’ is a great way to prepare ourselves for this stage in our lives. Jane offers her top 10 tips…

Feeling grumpy?

Can’t tell you how grumpy and a bit down I’ve been feeling this week. Nothing seems to make a shred of difference in shaking me out of this mood…

Menopause: my experience

We’ve come a long way in talking about menopause, but Jane thinks there’s still room for improvement.

The gifts of menopause

Lori Ann explains how she has learned of the gifts menopause can bring.

Ageing: our secret struggle

As a powerlifter, Manon doesn’t just want to be ‘good for her age’. But as she explains, the ageing process means working that much harder…

Menopause: a time for change

Menopause can be a time for change in all aspects of our life. Fiona explains how we can do this…