Menopause and mental health

1 min read · Deborah · May 13th, 2021

As part of our Lunch & Learn series, here’s Linda Gillham, Healthy Minds Lead at Peppy Health, discussing menopause, mental health and techniques we can all use.

Watch the video here:

menopause, mental health

Henpicked’s Deborah Garlick will be joined by Linda Gillham, Healthy Minds Lead at Peppy – a digital healthcare benefit that supports employees during life’s big journeys, including fertility and menopause.

Linda is a Certified Transactional Analyst in the counselling field with over 15 years experience supporting people with their mental health. She is an NCS Registered & Accredited Counsellor and is a Transactional Analysis trainer and supervisor.

There’s more information on the Peppy website:

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