Menopause, hormones and Covid-19: what you need to know

Menopause, hormones, Covid19, treatment, menopause testing

As part of our Lunch & Learn series of webinars, endocrinologist Dr Nicky Keay joined us.

We asked her to explain more about how our hormones work and how they affect us during menopause.

Watch the video here:

Menopause, hormones, testing, Covid-19

Dr Keay was awarded a BA in Medical Tripos and medical qualifications MB, BChir from Cambridge University. After passing post graduate medical examinations to become a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP), she gained extensive clinical and research experience in Endocrinology and Sport/Dance and Exercise Medicine involving elite athletes, professional ballet dancers and young aspiring athletes.

As a Research Fellow at St Thomas’ Hospital she was part of the international medical team working to develop a test to detect athletes doping with growth hormone, supported by the International Olympic Committee. Her other research studies investigated the effects of training and nutrition on the Endocrine system, body composition and bone mineral density, supported by medical research awards.

These various research projects led to a number of publications and awards. With medical scholarships her Sport/Dance and Exercise Medicine attachments have included North Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre Melbourne, Australian Institute of Sport, Faculty of Medicine, Discipline Human Physiology, University Newcastle NSW and Department of Paediatrics, Division of Growth and Reproduction, University of Geneva.

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