How to get help from your GP during menopause

As part of our Lunch & Learn series of webinars, here’s Kathy Abernethy, former Chair of The British Menopause Society and Director of Menopause Services for Peppy Health.

Thinking of going to the GP about your menopause, or been but didn’t get what you wanted? Here’s top tips from menopause expert Kathy Abernethy, including an update on HRT supply issues.

In this session we’ll discuss what everyone needs to know about how to get the best from your GP appointment.

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Kathy has extensive clinical expertise as a menopause specialist, regularly seeing and advising women on all issues relating to menopausal health. An independent prescriber with a Masters in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Healthcare, Kathy is immediate past Chair of the British Menopause Society, the professional society for healthcare practitioners.

She’s also the director of ‘The menopause course’ an educational initiative for nurses, designing and running study days, courses and events relating to menopause, and director of menopause services at

There’s more information on her website:

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