How to create a menopause friendly organisation

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menopause, work, workplace, menopause friendly

Putting diversity, inclusion and your colleagues’ wellbeing centre stage demonstrates your dedication to making your organisation a great place to work.

And menopause in the workplace support is a big part of this, with an increasing number of employers realising the mutual benefits it can bring. We want to support every employer in their quest to become menopause friendly.

Which is why we support Menopause Friendly, the UK’s only menopause accreditation programme for employers. Whether you’re starting from scratch, already begun but not sure what to do next or deserve recognition for the amazing results you’ve achieved, we’re with you all the way.

Join in to find out how to become a menopause friendly employer and achieve accreditation. With our special guest, Theresa Winters from Santander UK, sharing their case study.

We’ll be explaining:

  • What all employers need to know and do
  • How we can support you in putting everything in place
  • How you can become accredited and display the badge with pride
  • What Santander did, how they did it and the results they’ve experienced.

Join in today: 25 May 2021 from 1pm to 2pm.

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About Deborah Garlick

I'm the founder of Henpicked. I love reading the wonderful stories and articles women send us - I read every one. I've learnt so much and hope others enjoy them too. I believe life's about being happy and that we're here to help one another. And that women are far wiser than they often realise. I'm passionate about helping women live better lives by educating on the facts about menopause. I'm a Director of Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace and one of the authors of Menopause: the change for the better.