Menopause hub

We want everyone to talk about menopause openly without embarrassment and those suffering with symptoms to have the help and support they need. It’s time we all sailed through menopause and enjoyed this next phase of our lives…

Facts not mythsMenopause facts:




Menopause written with cut out magazine letters.Managing menopause symptoms:

Every woman experiences menopause in her own unique way and every woman chooses her own path for managing symptoms…


Green street sign with white letters for Menopause Lane.Women’s stories

Women from the Henpicked community share their personal menopause stories … Continue reading





Diverse business team brainstorming ina office looking at whiteboardMenopause and work

More and more women are working into their 60s, working through perimenopause, menopause and beyond. This can mean juggling symptoms with the pressures of work.

Here, we explain how you can handle this time of your life and career, and what some have done to tackle the issues in their own workplaces. Continue reading…

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