Megan Baker House

MBH has been providing specialist conductive education services to children with motor disabilities for more than ten years

Megan Baker House logoThe centre is very experienced with conditions such as athetoid and ataxia, dyspraxia, hypotone and hemiplegia, attracting families from across the UK. Services are delivered via daily sessions, intensive blocks and an outreach programme in schools in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. MBH achieves remarkable results as families, offered little or no help from statutory services, see their children gain independence, self-esteem and a willingness to participate and compete with their able-bodied peers at school.

“I feel very fortunate to have found Megan Baker House as it surpasses any other help we receive. The report we received about Esther’s difficulties was of more use to us as parents. The information that has been provided has helped change the approaches to Esther’s education and has prompted them to seek further information about Dyspraxia.”

During 2011/12, 133 children benefitted from in-house and outreach services. Every child is individually assessed to determine a bespoke course of sessions for maximum benefit within diagnosis-specific groups, with constant monitoring and reporting. The children’s ages range from less than one year up to teenager, with most being between five and fifteen years of age.

The services are provided free of charge and we do not receive any statutory or government support, relying entirely on grants from trusts and altruistic organisations and community fundraising activities. We need to raise in excess of £400,000 per year.
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Patrons: Jo Brand, Lady Foley, David Hepworth, Sascha Kindred OBE , Ian Whybrow  and Bill Wiggin MP