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Smart devices are great technology. However, it can be very easy to end up with lots of duplicated images, which can cause havoc with your device’s memory space. To effectively manage your memory space, it’s a good idea to screen duplicate images, first making sure you have backed-up all files before any deletion. The best source in this regard may be a DVD or USB where you can store everything safely.

Searching for images can also use up space. If you use a search engine to find images, you may get lots of results with duplicate images, including the dimensions you type in keywords. Images you search in Google or any search platform are stored in the database for around one week and won’t remain in your search history. You can use ‘reverse image’ search method for better screening if needed.

There are many image finder tools available online for free, making the best use of free reverse image search for the best duplicate image screening purposes. Let us have a look at very few of them, which are ranked the best ones in the same domain.

Reverse image search tool by DupliChecker

This is the best search by image tool, provided by DupliChecker, making the best use of reverse image processing. You can search for any image you want by just making a successful upload along with URL or even by typing the desired image keyword you want to search for the said images.

Performing a reverse image search using the same tool is easier. The same is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You just need to upload the desired image(s) from your mobile device or personal computer or you can also paste the URL of the same. After that, just click search similar images button and the tool will start working right away. Within a few seconds, you would be getting lots of similar images from the web through Google or Bing.

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Duplicate photo finder

The tool uses the reverse image search method and looks for duplications in various images finding the duplicate ones very easily. The similarity features are found in rotated images, pixels, flipped images, and much more. The tool supports almost all image formats including RAW, JPG, GIF, and much more.

Anti Twin

This uses the reverse picture search functionality. It makes the best use of byte-to-byte or pixel-pixel comparisons for checking image duplications. You can also opt-in for other features like content comparisons, name matching, or both. By default, the tool marks itself as low priority procedure and one can change the same from settings unchecking the same. For selecting the files for deleting, just click in the left pane with symbol X in red.

The tool also helps to clean up file repositories in networks i.e. searching unused and unnecessary files, deleting the junk and looking for redundant backups.


If you have lots of images and pictures, either downloaded or photographed, it may be that you get lots of duplicates in your data. For this, you would need a quick and easy way to search and delete duplicates.  The tool makes the best use of reverse image searching providing users with three options i.e. static, basic, and loose ones.

All of the detected similarities and duplicates are displayed side-wise with pertinent information, i.e. file name, file type, file size, or format. The auto-selection mode of the tool allows you to choose the resolution you need i.e., higher or lower and also you can choose image sizes.

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Numerous reverse image search tools exist in the market, but we have discussed very few of them having the best reviews and top rankings.

The above-mentioned are all free to use and need no premium services for the users using them.