Looking for a career change?

Ever wondered what it would be like to have the job of your dreams? A job that you want to get up for every morning?

Businesswoman on a grey background looking up at colourful balloonsWe all need a change sometimes in our career for many different reasons. Maybe you don’t find it challenging any more, or there have been changes in your organisation. Or perhaps you were only tolerating your job.

Whatever the reason, it suddenly dawns on you one day that your unhappiness is due to the fact you don’t like your job.

Sometimes we stay with what we know as with any change there can be an element of excitement but also fear. The fear of the unknown.  As the saying goes ‘better the devil we know than the devil we don’t’.

But is that really a good reason to stay in a job that fills you with dread the moment you think about it?

What’s stopping you from changing your job?

Change is a big step. Some changes are easier to deal with than others and have little impact on us personally. Then there are those we have difficulty dealing with, don’t seem to be able to move on from and ponder over for a long time.

To make a decision or come to terms with taking that massive leap you need to feel you have made the right choice.  But no one can ever be certain about this.

We can only make sure that we are making the decision based on the information we have and know that it’s the right decision at that moment in time.

So what do you need to do to confidently make that decision to make a change in your career?

Here are my top tips to help you:

  • Notice board with post it note saying 'do things you love'Think through the pros and cons of staying and leaving your current job.
  • Identify what your dream job would be.
  • Discuss your choices with someone who is supportive to you.
  • Take action to get one step nearer to feeling happier and have job satisfaction.
  • Ask yourself ‘If I don’t make a change what does this mean to me?’

Imagine waking up feeling energised and motivated, looking forward to your day and enjoying your job.

Could it be time for a change?

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Sandra Greatorex

About Sandra Greatorex

I’m a specialist in Career Transformation Coaching/Mentoring. For some years now I have provided support/coaching/mentoring to help people get a job when they have been made redundant. For some this was an opportunity to change direction in their career and coaching helped them to identify what this would be. My expertise is helping women aged 40+ to have job satisfaction, feel happier and motivated in the work they do which will also make them happier, more content in their personal life too. I’ve recently published a book Your Choice, Your Future to help young people on their journey to identifying their career path. For more information, here’s my my website.