Living on a budget but love luxury?

Woman surprised by an expensive dress

Here are a few luxuries you can enjoy even while on a budget….

Woman surprised by an expensive dressDieting and budgeting have a lot in common:

  • Both can be taken to unhealthy extremes
  • Both can become unsustainable
  • Both are greatly misunderstood by the masses

At its root, a diet is just a description of the way you eat. We are all on diets because we all eat. It may not be systematized. But one can see patterns, and learn from them. Even if you are on a systematic diet, that doesn’t mean you can never have a banana split.

In the same way, a budget is a way of describing how we plan to spend money. Even if not systematized, we all have a budget. And we can all do better. That does not mean that we can never enjoy a luxury. Even on a budget, there are smart ways to enjoy luxury items. Here are a few:

Luxury accessories

Perhaps you can never afford a truly luxurious home. Most of us can’t. But that doesn’t mean that your home has to be totally bereft of luxury. Antique door knobs, handles, and pulls throughout the home came have a profound effect on the look and feel of the whole.

You don’t need to spend £20,000 on a luxury bedroom suite. You can spice things up with luxury accessories like custom comforters. Customization includes photos, digital designs, and non-digital images turned right into custom photo bedding. You can do this for sheets and pillow cases as well.

Few people can afford luxury everything. So it is a matter of picking and choosing what luxuries are worth experiencing. There are lots of luxuries you can actually afford. Think accessories. And you will find yourself on a more luxurious track.

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Handle the details yourself

You can enjoy events that some would consider quite luxurious just by handling the details yourself. Call a travel agent, and you will spend a lot more money on a vacation than if you sweated the details yourself.

The same is true for planning a wedding. Sure, you can hand over the details to a wedding planner and spend upwards of £26,000. Or, you could have your dream wedding on a budget by managing the details yourself.

Granted, your dream wedding might have to forgo live flamingos. Then again, you could always have your wedding at the zoo. The point is, the event can be luxurious even if all the details are not.

Never buy when renting will do

You don’t have to buy a yacht to enjoy the day on a luxury yacht. You can always charter an excursion. Pay once, and have the time of your life. The same is true for an RV road trip. You don’t have to buy a luxury RV to go on a luxury RV adventure.

You can rent anything from houses, to cars, to vacations, to clothes, to jewelry, and almost everything else you can think of. There are only a few times in life when you really need a luxury item. So never buy an expensive luxury when renting, leasing, or chartering it will do.

Save for luxury purchases

There are some luxuries worth buying. A decent smartphone or computer can be a valuable investment, and much better than a cheap one. Quality is a luxury we should all be able to afford. It just might take a little longer for some of us to be able to afford it.

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This is where saving comes in. Not all savings have to be devoted to a college fund or a retirement account. It is perfectly okay to save and budget for the occasional luxury.

No one is suggesting that you eat at a 4-star steakhouse every night. That would also be bad for your diet. So unless you have a religious objection to the occasional luxury item or experience, there are ways to do it and still be financially responsible.

These are not the only ideas. But you can start by appreciating luxury accessories, managing the details yourself, and saving up for future luxuries. And really, you might want to skip the flamingos.

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