Life without addiction… the possibilities

Don’t struggle on, the answer is out there.

Drug addiction affects people differently. When most people use drugs, they feel, think, and act differently. In most cases, people with active addictions struggle to control their thoughts and actions. And they can’t imagine a life without drugs or alcohol. That’s because drugs have taken over control over their lives.

As such, an addict can feel like they can’t get a solution to their addiction problem. Some people even become depressed because turning their lives around seems impossible. However, anybody can embrace change and start a life without addiction. But, how will life without addiction be? Will it be a dream or a nightmare?

The best move that a person in active addiction can do is to call Addiction Resource. Currently, several rehab facilities provide phone numbers that people can use to seek professional help. There are also national hotline numbers that addicts and their loved ones can call. These phone numbers are manned by addiction experts that offer information and assistance that addicts need to address their problems. Nevertheless, some people with substance use disorders are afraid of calling these numbers because they don’t know how life without addiction will be.

Well, a life without addiction is a dream come true for many, and here’s why.

Improved relationships

Once a person starts leading a sober life, they establish and maintain better relationships. Research has shown that substance abuse affects families in many negative ways. Therefore, a life without addiction can positively transform family relationships. For instance, if parents abuse drugs and alcohol, quitting can affect their lives and those of their children positively. They can also rebuild broken relationships with children. Leading a sober life can also make a parent more present, considerate, and active in family matters.

What’s more, life without addiction makes an individual a better friend. That’s because being sober enables a person to devote time to nurturing healthy and meaningful relationships. And people become more honest and reliable when they quit drugs. Sober friendships lead to more fulfilling and beneficial relationships in life.

Improved memory

Once a person calls the drug hotline and proceeds to get treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, their memory improves. That means they won’t be forgetting or missing out on important family events like the birthday of their kids. What’s more, they won’t be waking up with regrets and shame because of what they did under the influence of alcohol or addictive substances.

When sober, a person recalls everything that happened the day before. What’s more, a sober person is more aware of even the finer details of their lives. For instance, they remember a smile they got from a stranger or the beautiful flower they saw somewhere yesterday. A life without addiction provides mental clarity. This enables a person to discover their passions and even accomplish many life goals.

Better looks

Drugs and alcohol are toxins that poison the body and the mind. So, when a person calls the drug addiction helpline and undergoes treatment as advised, their health and look improve. Their skin complexion looks better. Wrinkles lose definition, blemishes clear, and dark circles reduce.

Some people look way younger when they start a drug-free life. This benefit is not just superficial. When a person looks better, they also feel better. They smile more often and this keeps them looking great.

Research has shown that several health conditions are associated with alcoholism and drug addiction. Therefore, quitting alcohol and drugs eliminates or lowers the risk of these health problems. For instance, a life without addiction enables a person to regulate body weight. Alcohol fills the body with empty calories. People engage in binge-eating episodes under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, quitting alcohol or drugs enables a person to maintain a healthy body weight. They also reduce weight-related complications and feel physically better.

More time and money

Some people call rehab numbers after their loved ones complain about their absence in the family and the misuse of family resources. A person with a substance abuse problem always thinks about feeding their addiction. They spend much of their time looking for money and time to drink or use drugs.

A life without addiction, therefore, can lead to more time and money savings. Most people get out of debt and invest in more important things when they quit alcohol and drugs. Their relationships with families and friends improve because they spend more time with people that matter in their lives.

The bottom line

Calling a drug addiction hotline number can be the most challenging thing for people in active addiction. However, this move comes with many benefits in the overall life of a person.

As long as a person gets the right help, a life without addiction is a dream come true.