Learn to love your body… my tips and tricks

Love your body… it’s a phrase that’s bandied about a fair bit in these days of self care. Easy to say, but not so easy to do. Or at least, not overnight.

Any kind of change takes time and practice. And let’s face it, most of us girls are used to giving ourselves a hard time. We are so used to comparing ourselves to others and finding new ways to ‘get gorgeous’ that it can all be a bit exhausting.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with self development. Learning how to rock what you’ve got in new and different ways is fine, if you’re having fun. But every now and then it can be a good idea to just get back to basics. Really looking at yourself in the mirror and saying ‘actually, I’m okay with who I am’.

Staring at your naked self in the mirror might not be the thing you most want to do right now. But it’s actually quite a good place to start – nobody should dread the thought of a mirror.

I’ve put together some hints and tips to help you along the way. Please believe me it’s just a coincidence that they spell out SWEAR… but I think it’s quite fitting!

Learn how to SWEAR

Smile at your reflection in the mirror 

Instead of finding any little imperfections, just smile. It’s a little thing but it has a big effect on how you feel inside. A good tip is to do this in the morning to get your day off to a really positive start. Once you’ve got used to smiling at your face, start to look at other areas of your body  with the same attitude.

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Write something positive on your mirror

You can use lipstick or a sticky note for this. I like to write ‘I am enough’ but there are endless things you can put. Whatever floats your boat. Essentially, the more you see it and say it, the more it will stick. So it makes sense that seeing and saying pleasant things about yourself, instead of constant negatives, will make you feel brighter.

Educate yourself

It can can some time to learn to actively seek the good stuff. Our minds are often so used to homing in on the negatives it can bypass all the positives. Just remember, you’re not alone. This is where you can use social media to great effect. There are plenty of positive forums and groups out there and you can tune in to some likeminded people.

Appreciate your body

A little self care goes a long way, in whatever way you choose. It could be a massage or facial. It could be going for a run or playing your favourite sport. Learning a new skill, taking up a craft… your body is amazing. It’s really important here not to compare yourself with others. You’re unique. Your body is unique. The way you enjoy your time is unique. So just go with whatever floats your boat.

Remember, negatives are just perceptions

These are beliefs. They’re not facts. If you have an inner voice whispering derogatory things, you need to learn to shut it up and shut it down. This is just feeding negativity, and we’re all about nurturing positivity.

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It stands to reason that once you start liking yourself more, you’ll feel better in more areas of your life. You’ll also learn more about how dressing for yourself is powerful, giving a true reflection of you to the world.

Boosting your self esteem can help you with your career, relationships and interactions. You’ll feel more ready to take on the world, and less worried about what it throws at you.

So go on, grab that mirror and get to work…



I’m an image consultant which means I get to help women look and feel great – it’s my dream job! I became tired of seeing so-called ‘perfection’ portrayed in the media, and it’s my aim to help women feel confident whatever their body shape. You can find out more about how I can help you by visiting my website.