Learn from the best: 7 tips from successful female entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneur: woman in a fashion design studio

We somehow always think that this is a man’s world when it comes to business, but is it though?

Female entrepreneur: woman in a fashion design studioIn the last four years, more than 160 million women have started their own business. There are more than 110 million women worldwide who are running established companies.

Women are 5% more likely to come up with innovative ideas, compared to men.

While these numbers definitely show the bright side of female entrepreneurship, the truth is that it is still difficult to make it in the harsh world of business, regardless of your gender.

But let’s stay positive and go through some of the most useful tips the women who have made their mark and are still doing that for every one of you aspiring to succeed.

Keep your eyes at the end goal

When launching and running a business, it is easy to become burdened with tons of necessary evils, including finances, investors, marketing, and similar. Kati Buckland, a franchise owner of cleaning business Chem-Dry, wants to give you a message:

“But with your goals right in front of you, you never lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve.”

Write down what you want to achieve, and keep it always in front of yourself. This way, even when the times get hard and when you feel the need to give up, you will know why you’ve started and that what you’re giving up in order to succeed.

Take your time

Success comes overnight only in Hollywood blockbusters. In real life, it is something that you build, from the ground up. Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer, co-founders of fitness studios Shred415 have taken this road in 2011, and in 2018 they have reached a milestone of more than 50 signed franchise agreements across 14 states. As you see, this didn’t happen in a day.

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They think that business owners need to remember that opening a successful, small-business involves patience, time and requires you to step back to remember that you must tackle a piece of the goal one day at a time. So, while you have to have your grand goal in front of you all the time, don’t forget to set, appreciate, and accomplish the little ones – take a step-by-step approach.

Learn from your failures

Successful men and women fail every day. This doesn’t make them unsuccessful. On the contrary. It’s what they do with the things they learn from their mistakes and how they evolve after is what keeps them on the top.

Keri Glassman, the founder of Nutritious Life says that “when you accept that failure is growth, fear can’t stop you”. When your first attempts fail miserably, don’t take that personally. Instead, seek reasons behind the rejections and fiascos, and try to find another road which could yield better results.

Be interested in everything business-related

Let’s say you’ve started a business of designing and sewing dresses. While this needs to be your primary concern, you should also keep your eye on marketing, human resources, and even web design. Not to mention the relevance of financial considerations for entrepreneurs. But, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room and do everything on your own.

Helen Robertson, owner of travel operator Expedia CruiseShipCentres thinks that you should learn from the people that surround you: “Find individuals who have a diverse set of skills and experiences and feel free to rely on them for advice and responsibilities.”

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Love what you do

Susan Griffin-Black, the founder and CEO of EO Products wants you to know that even though there can be aspects of the work that are not enjoyable (e.g., the previously mentioned finances), because those parts “don’t feel so burdensome because it’s all contributing to the greater cause of the company that I care about”.

Loving your job often comes with the territory when you are the person who imagined and accomplished it, especially if you have turned your hobby into a career, but it doesn’t hurt to get a reminder every now and then.

Believe in yourself

We know that this sounds like a Disney slogan, but being confident can truly make a huge difference in how you are perceived by others (including customers and investors) and how you look at things in general.

Haley Palmer, franchise owner of real-estate firm WIN Home Inspection says that women have a tendency to sell themselves short, but that speaking positively about your achievements isn’t bragging: “Be confident and comfortable disclosing your strengths and touting your success: don’t hide from it — respect will follow.”

Be innovative and encourage innovation

Many business owners failed because they played things safe. While there is nothing wrong with calculating the risks, you should always be willing to try something new and different. Not only that, you should create a culture of innovation and solution-seeking in your company.

Inger Ellen Nicolaisen, founder of international hair salon Nikita Hair says that every problem comes with an opportunity for a solution and that you should “applaud initiative and innovation and focus on the solutions”, and the results will guide you to your path of excellence.

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These women have built their careers from scratch. They have struggled. They have failed. They have grown. They have succeeded. Do you know what is the best thing about them? They are not that different from you.

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