Kristina Train – Dark Black

I stumbled across this great singer/songwriter recently and her new album “Dark Black” really caught my ear

Kristina TrainBorn in New York and now residing in London, via Savannah in the deep south USA, Kristina Train first began singing and playing violin professionally in 1999 with “The Looters”, a band also known for backing European musicians.

Her first album promised so much, but unfortunately did not live up to her expectations, not even making release in the UK.


“It was a big flop,” the Savannah-raised singer recalls frankly, in a lilting Southern purr. “But it was bad timing. I remember the headline in the New York Times right before my album was released: ‘Bloodbath at EMI’.”

Kristina recently finished an 18 month tour as lead singer for jazz legend, Herbie Hancock, who invited her to join his band after being blown away by her effortless vocals. This tour gave her the money, and the confidence, to fly to London and pick up her solo career, with fantastic results.

Dark Black is her second album and is a wonderful collection of songs… with a flavour of 60’s beats with a modern twist, to more traditional country tunes, showing her southern roots. Her soul-tinged voice carries with it the laid back feel and sound of Dusty Springfield and Rumer.

The opening track is the title track, “Dark Black”. Beautifully produced and Kristina’s vocal sits nicely on a tasteful backing, quite haunting.

Next up is “Dream of Me”, this somehow reminds so much of a 1960’s track, somewhere between Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield and Phil Spector… weird! But another fab song and again, lovely production.
Other highlights on the album are “Lonely Sinner”, a clever mix of country, pop and dance, and “I Wanna Live in LA”.

You’re not gonna rock your socks off to this album, but it is a real gem, in my humble opinion!