Kitsch Hen biscuits – unique and imaginative gifts for teachers

With only weeks to go until the end of term, there’s one last decision to make before parents can relax. The taxing choice of the teacher’s gift.

Homemade biscuits in presentation boxWhether you agree with the practice or think it’s another strange custom arriving from across the pond, giving the teacher an end of year present is definitely on the rise. And with it comes another dilemma, how much to spend.

As a mother of primary aged children, I’ve overheard, and engaged in, quite a few debates about the right present for a teacher.

A bottle of wine is probably a good choice from the year-weary teachers viewpoint, but is it appropriate for your child to carry it to school? Chocolates are standard, but lacking in imagination.

Something home made is thoughtful and personal, but after years in the profession any experienced teacher can only save so many signs or mugs before their home is bursting at the seams. Besides, after three terms of arts and crafts with your child, they might mistake it for extra homework.

It’s an annual dilemma for many, but I think I’ve found the perfect answer.

Original, certainly. Thoughtful and personal, definitely. Suitable for both female and male teachers, thankfully.

I’ve recently come across the deliciously tasty range of personalised biscuits from Kitsch Hen Cakes. Actually, I was sent one as a gift.

The postman delivered a beautifully wrapped little box. Inside was a single, large cookie, bright and temptingly decorated with pastel yellow icing. The wording was a simple but encouraging quote, which in fact was apt for my mood that day.

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‘Lose yourself in the things that you love, for that is where you will find yourself too.’

Personalised biscuits teacher presentWhat a truly delightful surprise. I stopped dashing from washing pile to laptop, stepped over the Lego city and turned my back on my flashing email, flicked on the kettle and thought ‘Why not?’

As a working mother, juggling building my business, managing my home, looking after elderly parents and growing children, it’s often easy to forget to take time for myself. Finding an excuse to sit back, take 10 minutes and indulge myself in an unexpected but delicious treat, with a relaxing cup of coffee – well, it should be made part of everyone’s busy week.

I suspect teachers feel just as frazzled by July. They’ve pounded verbs and multiplication, Victorians and phonics into fidgety little bodies for the year, rustled through the last month of sports days, school plays and summer fairs. Let’s not forget, they are also likely to be managing home, family and parents as well. By the end of term I suspect the chance to just take 10 minutes out is highly appealing.

So, the delicious offering from Kitsch Hen Cakes is the perfect, cost-effective solution to the end of term gift quandary.

Made from local and Fairtrade ingredients with a gentle vanilla flavor, the biscuits come in a selection of sizes. Although it’s simple to choose from the pre-selected boxes on the website, chief baker and owner Caroline is happy to mix up a batch to your preference.

Every biscuit is topped with a simple fondant icing and stamped with the message of your choice. With a choice of colours, it’s easy to personalise your biscuit in pinks for a feminine tone. The pastel blues and greens are perfect for a creative but masculine gift for male teachers.

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Biscuit present for male teacherIf you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect quote, Caroline is on hand to help. Orders for teacher related biscuits are coming in from all over the country, and she’s seen a real mix of messages, from simple ‘From Harry’ to a more heartfelt ‘Thanks for believing in me.’

The element of personalisation displays a thoughtful present, while the low cost makes a Kitsch Hen biscuit a truly individual and unique gift.

In fact, I have to go now. I’ve got to get my order in, quickly and easily online, so that I can sit back and relax, knowing that’s one more chore ticked off.

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