Just get out there! Time to start running

Lots of us think we can’t run – and did you know that Paula Radcliffe can run every mile of a marathon faster than I can run any single mile?

Marion ForemanBut I stick on my trainers, just get out there and start running.  Sometimes I run a bit and walk a bit – but it doesn’t matter – its free, I get fresh air and I come home feeling great.  That endorphin rush gives me a high, I know I am boosting my immune system and I will sleep better.  It helps me to manage my weight and keeps my heart strong.  My breathing improves and it builds stronger bones – what’s not to like?

Make this weekend the weekend that you decide to take control of your fitness and get out there – you can start small and keep building on your distances. Go for it!

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About Marion Foreman

I fall neatly into the ‘women who weren’t born yesterday’ category. I grew up in a turmoil of Guardian fuelled feminism. I went from ‘little woman’ to independent person in a decade. I began my nurse training in the early 70s in the midst of a male dominated university town. I convinced myself that my views must be wrong as the ultra clever men didn’t agree with me. It wasn’t until I did my degree with the OU that I realised that I had a voice – and a legitimate voice at that. Four children and three husbands later I have found my place in the world. A place that simply says that I am who I am, that I can choose my own path in life and choose those who walk with me. I have learnt that equality means making and taking opportunities, not feeling compelled to ‘do it all’.