Jeanne Ellin: Opening windows, resurgent mint and thought control

older woman smiling looking through window


Banner with Jeanne Ellin's quoteWell, now I have heard everything. A phone call out of the blue from a contractor offering to demonstrate the operation of the windows in my flat!

older woman smiling looking through windowSo, how did I get the call? My neighbours upstairs cannot open their window fully – their escape route in case of fire. The Building and Repairs Czar of my housing association gave the contractor my phone number and asked him to call and resolve the problem.

I live on the ground floor, and do have the patio door as a fire escape.

I saw the functionary concerned and spoke clearly, softly and politely. I asked him not to give out my phone number without my consent. I reminded him that my flat was ground floor and that I had not phoned him. I also reassured him that I understood the concept of windows and their operation.

Resurgent mint

Bought some mint pieces to try and make mint sauce. Failed, but kept the remaining pieces on the windowsill in water and forgot them for ten days. Rediscovered them, all complete with long vigorous roots. They had been plucked, treated, plastic wrapped and stored under store lights, yet still bounced back with optimism and hope!

I must buy some potting compost and give them a chance at a future. Wish someone would re-pot me.

Thought control

Feeling rather down, no sign of my much-needed house move. So, decided to experiment by imagining best-possible outcome to my proposed move.

Enjoyed imagining warmth, space, health improving and building in more activities. Spent the rest of the day and the following one in happy daydreams and found myself feeling better and brighter.

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The only thing that I’d changed was my thinking.

About Jeanne Ellin

I am a poet working at living a creative life in a one room flat, companioned by a menagerie of chronic health problems. I began this series of posts after being inspired by two women younger than myself, who, fearful of their imagined old age spent in ill health and poverty, committed suicide. I explore every year as a bonus of adventures, with moments of discomfort or fear, but with unexpected treasure to be found - helped by a sense of the ridiculous, a world perspective and creativity.