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On the RADIO!

mobile phoneI volunteer for a charity, Silverlinks, that offers repairs and adaptations among other services to elderly and or disabled people. My input is often by phone, to offer support to people deciding to downsize or considering sheltered housing among other things. I was feeling that I have not done much for them lately. Then a phone call. Will I be part of a radio program item about the charity? I have done a mini media course with them and been on the radio a couple of times before. So happy to say yes, though this will affect what else I am able to do this week.

A flurry of emails and mobile phone calls as I cannot open the attachment giving me the brief for the interview. A taxi is booked to collect me at 9.30 am. I check and no, the return journey has not been booked. This oversight is remedied.

I am a little concerned about accessibility. Am assured it is just round the corner from drop off. Sadly this may not be as easy as it sounds for someone who can be outpaced by a snail! So this remains a worry. Wash hair, choose clothes for tomorrow and make a breakfast smoothie for tomorrow. Check have a meal ready to heat up for tomorrow’s lunch and defrost a serving of soup for the evening.

Get up earlier than usual, set a new speed record for washing and dressing, 35 minutes. Breakfast smoothie and medication go down smoothly. Ready by 9.15am. Just as well since the taxi is there by 9.20am. Still no brief but hope that it will have been left at reception for me.

Feel a little dizzy on the trip, too many swift turns. We go as requested to the security entrance. A mini guard post. No briefing papers left for me but they point me to the right door across a car park as big as a field. Glad I have arrived early.

Very friendly people and they print off a brief for me, not sure if it is the right one but it is all I have. Offered a drink, newspapers and shown where the loo is. Fortunately I do not need it as stairs are involved. My engineer son-in-law would be interested they use two dishwashers. One washing, one filling. His dream would be to add a third to store the clean stuff, rather than in a cupboard.

radio microphoneThe interview is very focused and structured. I do not do as good a job as I would have liked to. But interesting to see a professional at work.

Home and other trips out not an option for a few days. Fortunately my helper was due.

Bed changing, some cleaning and odd things like cutting up a swede for me. I aim to batch cook it to a mash and freeze several servings. She also reached things up and down from kitchen shelves and helped me with a minor computer issue. She works full time and comes to me on Saturdays. She makes so many small things possible, unscrews jars, shops, takes Little Cat Friday and I to vet checks. This week after chopping up my swede for me she decided to take my knives home with her and return them sharpened.

When I was particularly unwell once, she made, unasked, a batch of chicken soup and brought it to me along with a jar of honey. Kindness cannot be bought. I was helped as much by the thought as the soup. I help with official letters, health advice, vocabulary support. She is Polish and we often laugh about language mishaps. I once asked her to bring me some papers when she came. She brought toilet rolls. I listen to general, love and work woes. Generally act like an on-the-spot grandmother.

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I am a poet working at living a creative life in a one room flat, companioned by a menagerie of chronic health problems. I began this series of posts after being inspired by two women younger than myself, who, fearful of their imagined old age spent in ill health and poverty, committed suicide. I explore every year as a bonus of adventures, with moments of discomfort or fear, but with unexpected treasure to be found - helped by a sense of the ridiculous, a world perspective and creativity.