How can you achieve baby soft feet?

Baby Foot is a deep exfoliating treatment for your feet. Their gel-filled boots promise you a simple way to soft feet, with dramatic results.

Package of Baby Foot, foot exfoliated treatment

Usually around £20 currently £16.99 Amazon

It’s a big thing for me; I don’t think beautiful shoes look good with crusty feet. But when you’re regularly sticking them in trainers or you’re on your feet for whatever reason, it’s not easy to keep them looking good.

A pedicure is rarely top of my to-do list because of the time or the money.

So is Baby Foot an easy alternative? And does it work?

It worked better for me than I thought it would, but be prepared; it is disgusting. If you’re a ‘picker’ you’ll love this.

Here’s what I did and what happened:

I got my pack of Baby Foot and in my usual style jumped in. Having done that, I’d recommend that you read the instructions first. My process was a mess of sitting down, getting up to wash my feet, sitting down, finding I needed some scissors, sitting down, deciding I really could do with some socks over the top of the gel boots and then deciding to use masking tape as the adhesive strips looked a bit flimsy.

Once you’ve worked out what to do, you pop the gel-filled boots on, and put your feet up while it works.

The time went fast as I was equipped with a cup of tea and my laptop. I liked the lavender smell and enjoyed rolling my feet around in the cool gel. Nice. Then it was time to take the boots off. Here are another couple of tips:

  • It’s best to put the boots on and sit near your shower. Me? I crossed the lounge and climbed the stairs in the gel boots with all the grace of It’s a Knockout. I crawled the last bit.
  • Paint your toenails after the treatment not before. My newly painted dark orange nail varnish became washed out, patchy peach.

Baby foot visual instructionsThe instructions say that your feet will start to peel between two and seven days after the treatment. In the meantime, don’t pick them or use other products. Well actually…

Day three

Some of the hard skin on my feet simply started to come away in the bath without rubbing it.

That night, I had skin blisters on the bottom of my feet. They weren’t painful at all, just like paper-thin skin over my normal skin. This looked disgusting, yet fascinating.

It did make me wonder what they put in this product to make the skin peel away without any feeling at all.

Days four to seven

older lady looking at feet on bedI had to keep my feet covered up – they did look horrible and my family were squeamish about me leaving bits of skin where I walked. It really is like that.

On one foot there was a thin sheet of skin hanging off and I wasn’t sure if I should exfoliate to get it off or not. I needn’t have worried – I found it on the floor next to my bed the following morning. EWWWW.

Days eight to ten

I was still peeling, from both the top and bottom of my feet. And 10 days later it was all over.

Verdict – I’ll be doing this again

Disgusting but worth a try. It’s a small price and better than a pedicure, which never really gets everything off my feet.

For probably the first time since I was a youngster, my feet are so so soft and clean looking. They are a bit ticklish now and my feet were never ticklish.

But best not to do it if you haven’t got time for it to finish working or if you will have your feet on show. Plan ahead.

Note: Deborah has always bought her own Baby Foot.

Updated September 2016

Deborah Garlick

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  • Snowqueen

    Very amusing and as you say, gross and fascinating in equal measure!

  • Deborah

    One of the Henpicked community has also recommended Footner Exfoliator from Boots online.

  • Deborah

    Extra recommendation from June Rowlands. Put vaseline on the top of your feet where you don’t want to peel and loose skin. Very important during the summer months when your feet are more likely to be on show.

  • Deborah

    Last night after completing the MoonWalk in London, I decided to try Footner and compare it with Baby Foot. So far the biggest differences are:
    – both soothed and cooled my feet though I preferred Baby Foots’ lavender smelling gel.
    – Footner is less messy because there’s less gel but unfortunately the sticky tabs weren’t in the packet so I resorted to sellotape to secure the boots.
    – both take the colour out of your nail varnish.
    Just have to wait a few days now to see which one actually works better!

  • Mandy Clark

    Still plucking up the courage to try.

    • Emyatt85

      Do itttt!! I promise you will NOT regret it. Worth every penny. I’ve done this same one three times now and will never try another brand. I did once and it was terrible (compared to BF) and it even cost me a bit more so I was so ticked but a great lesson was learned…always go with BabyFoot

  • Deborah

    (give it a go Mandy).

    OK results of Footner. Treatment completed – clean but not as stripped as Baby Foot results.
    Good: safer to walk around in them and whilst there was shedding, it wasn’t as obvious with my shoes on (I did cover the tops of my feet in vaseline this time).
    Not so good: didn’t get absolutely everything off but I do have a stubborn bit.
    Not as messy because there’s less gel and those lovely people at Boots popped in an extra bonus of a Footner foam – not advertised but appreciated – to keep your feet soft.

  • Imogen Jamieson

    I know its disgusting but I think I would definitely be a picker if the skin on my feet started to peel. How did you resist that temptation?!

    • Deborah Garlick

      I’m not really a picker Imogen though did find it fascinating. Best just to let the process work and watch!