I hear dead people

I hear dead people is the second part of Julie P’s incredible journey to become a clairvoyant medium.

Open doorIt’s a rare person, who doesn’t recall Haley Joel Osment whispering “I see dead people!” in M Night Shyamalam’s ‘The Sixth Sense’ and whilst I don’t always ‘see’ spirits using my clairvoyance, I do hear them on a regular basis. In fact, my mediumistic abilities are primarily clairaudient (hearing) and they’re never turned off, or down. I do keep my finger on the mute-button though because spirits need to know whether I’m working or not, otherwise they’d be making sneaky visits because like humans, they enjoy a chat.

To my mind spirits are humans without bodies. They think, they feel, they love and they can get very impatient at times. When they’re in a medium’s vicinity with a message to deliver, important or not, they will endeavor to communicate.

To use an analogy, imagine everyone needs a pint of milk, but it can only be bought at one store, and its shut! There’d be a long, eager queue waiting for opening-time wouldn’t there? This can be what life as a medium is like at times.

Without control or a means to stop the influx of messages we’d always be open for business. We can frequently have an enthusiastic line of spirit-people wanting to be seen or heard.

Fortunately, in my experience spirits have a habit of flashing a little blue light whenever they have something to say…..their version of knocking I assume.

It’s a very unusual experience talking to the ‘guys-upstairs’. Occasionally, I hear them talk with my physical ears but generally I hear a voice street ghostsinside my head, and yes, it is different from the one, usually installed there.

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This voice responds with a clear certainty to any questions asked, and the information I have access to, via this conduit is unlimited……after all, how can I possibly know the name of a stranger’s dead brother? True, it could be telepathy but I find this ability only works with people I’m emotionally close to.

As the answers are ‘in-my-head’ it’s difficult sometimes to accept that another entity is speaking to or through me. However after many years working with spirits I’m now aware who’s visiting and I’m able to visualise them in my mind’s eye.

Whilst, I spend most of my time ‘listening to dead people’ I’ve also been fortunate enough to physically see spirits, sometimes in scary situations but they’ve yet to frighten me as much as the living can but again, this is another story.

About JulieP

I've spent the majority of my life attached to a piece of elastic; being continually twanged back-and-forth between Australia and the UK. I was originally born in Devon, and then, as part of a family-package deal, I immigrated to Perth in West Australia I currently live in Perth and I miss London dreadfully, especially Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s (you can stop laughing now), not forgetting the cold weather, of course. I miss that too. I’m currently working on my third career incarnation - hopefully as a freelance writer. I have self-published two eBooks, and I’m working on another. Previously, when I’ve masqueraded as a relatively ‘normal’ person, I spent several years working within the financial/credit arenas, and at one stage, I was even employed as Assistant New Business Manager for Harrods (yep! that one). At the same time, fate decided I was to be a Clairvoyant Medium, and it’s a path I've walked happily for thirty-three years now, with the occasional time-out when I've needed one. It’s a life-choice which has taught me a lot about myself, spirit and other people, and I feel grateful that I was chosen.