How to stay sober long term…

How to identify substance abuse and stay sober

Addiction has reared its ugly head especially during the lockdowns around the world. A number of people resorted to drinking out of boredom which can quickly lead to an addiction. Being dependent on drugs or alcohol to feel normal impacts millions of people around the country. The tough truth is that you will have to seek help on your own, as you need to get sober for yourself rather than anyone else.

Addiction worsens over time if not addressed which can lead to several consequences. Identifying that you have a problem is the first step.

The following are tips can help you identify if you have a problem and help you stay sober in the years to come:

Drop in performance at work

One of the first areas that you will see an impact is your career performance. Some addicts can function at a job but as addiction worsens performances do slip. The work hard and party hard culture makes excessive drinking normalised in start-up environments with a young staff. Professional accomplishment can overshadow the transition into addiction during the infancy of the addiction. Far too many people point their job performance out to play down concerns about their substance abuse. Functioning alcoholics are more prevalent than you might think, as are drug users within an office setting.

Being called into a meeting regarding your performance for the first time at your current position can rattle your cage. For those that are already ahead of their peers, this meeting might not occur. Take into consideration how bad your addiction can get when unemployed in today’s job market.

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Being arrested

A drop in performance doesn’t happen to everyone but a real eye-opening event is being arrested. This could be due to driving while under the influence or something like drug possession. Do not even think about defending yourself in court as hiring an attorney can impact your freedom. Attorneys that specialise in drug or alcohol-related offences can be a huge help. These legal professionals can point you in the direction of substance abuse therapy programs. A judge that sees you are making an effort  to combat addiction will likely be lenient. They are likely to lessen a sentence or absolve the defendant of charges if the defendant completes treatment.

An arrest needs to be handled carefully as a conviction could cost you your job. Unless the offence is extremely serious, it is important to allow the legal process to work itself out before telling your employer. There is a chance that you were arrested falsely so allow your attorney to do their job.

Seek professional help

Seeking professional help can be daunting as a number of addicts are extremely worried about the detox process. Withdrawal from certain substances like alcohol, heroin, and benzodiazepines can be deadly. It’s important to seek  medical advice, to reduce the odds of serious symptoms like seizures. There are numerous options for those that want help including outpatient and inpatient programs. Take a look at the different programs available along with what your insurance will cover. You might find that your recovery will be far less expensive than you could have imagined.

Change your surroundings and people you socialise with

People that complete a substance abuse program have just started their sober journey. Changing your surroundings might help you avoid the pattern of addiction. Some people might hang out with heavy drinkers and could feel pressure to drink when in their company. You know what your triggers to use are so you need to avoid these until you are more stable in your recovery. In today’s world where people work remotely, this can be a perfect opportunity to move to another city for a new start.

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Continually work on your sobriety with therapy or 12-step meetings

Continually working towards staying sober will be important during the beginning of your sobriety. Finding a 12-step group or addiction counseling therapist to guide you during sobriety is imperative. Going to an AA or NA meeting can give you the strength that you need to stay sober for another day. Find a group that you enjoy and remember this might take a few tries.

Identification of an addiction is only the start as it will take hard work to stay sober. Millions of people struggle with addiction so it is important to remember that you are not alone.