How to stay productive in an open-plan office

Open-plan office

How to stay on top of things in a crowded room. 

Open-plan officeYou want a private office on the 100th floor and a personal secretary, don’t you? Well, one day you will accomplish your career goals and get the office of your dreams. But today you have to work in the open-plan office and do your best.

Bring your earbuds

Why is it so difficult to concentrate while working in an open-plan office? The first and foremost reason is noise.

It’s simply impossible to stay productive when annoying sounds surround you.  When phones ring, printers work, co-workers walk and talk – it’s impossible to immerse yourself in work.

During business hours, an open-office reminds one of a reviews page of a popular service. A lot of people, no order, and everyone is in a rush. Unsurprisingly, when buzz in your office gets too loud, you can barely hear your thoughts.

If you want to “turn off” these sounds, you should buy noise-cancelling headphones. It’s the easiest, yet the most effective solution. You can be sure that high-quality, expensive earbuds are an excellent investment in your productivity growth.

Select the right playlist

Numerous studies proved that music not only blocks out background noise but also helps to reduce stress and improve happiness. Naturally, the less stressful you feel at work, the better you perform.

It is worth mentioning that different music types affect productivity in different ways. One track may distract you, and another one may help you to concentrate.

As a rule, songs in the native language distract us the most. When we hear our favorite song, we unintentionally start repeating the words. And it draws our attention away from the working process.

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So you should base your playlist on songs in foreign languages. If you don’t know the words, the song will not distract you.

And the best type of music you can choose for work is instrumental music. Scientists state that listening to classical compositions helps boost brainpower. Feel free to test this theory in practice.

Make your desk look homey

If you want to stay productive, you should make your workplace as comfortable as possible. You can put some personal stuff on your desk to get privacy in an open-place office. It’s okay to use the following items:

  • A picture of your family, your friend, or your dog. Scientists proved that photos of people we love help us to overcome the difficulties and make us feel happier.
  • A tiny teddy bear. You should never bring a huge toy or a bunch of toys to the office. One small-sized plaything, which means something to you, is more than enough to set the right mood.
  • A plant. If you are bad at taking care of plants, select one of these options: Aglaonema, Ficus Benjamina, Philodendron, and Devil’s Ivy. These beauties are nearly impossible to kill.
  • One of your child’s artworks. You should never try to turn your desk into an art gallery, no matter how talented your kid is. However, one picture will bring positive emotions and help you destress during work hours.

If you want to adorn your workplace, choose one or two personal items, which you are emotionally attached to. Don’t overstuff your desk with useless things, though.

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Block access to social media

Social media addiction is one of the biggest productivity killers. Let’s face it. If you work in a crowded office and check what’s new on Instagram every half an hour, you have no chances to be productive.

If you are addicted to social media, it’s time to admit it. You should get rid of this dangerous addiction as soon as possible. If you have enough willpower to stop using Facebook and Twitter, that’s great.

But if your willpower is weak, you should start using apps to help you. There are many useful apps and website blockers for Windows, Mac & Android. They will allow you to blacklist social media that you are addicted to.

As a result, funny selfies, cute kitten videos, and avocado toast’s pics will stop distracting you from work. You will be surprised to know how productive you can be.

Utilize advanced tools and services

Today, you have access to a bunch of tools and services that help to boost productivity. You can use them to manage your time more effectively or to reduce your workload. There are a wide range of apps to help you stay organised, manage your time, and crucially, stay calm and on top of things.

Wrapping it up

Now you know that mission “to stay productive in an open-plan office” is possible.  Put your headphones on, turn on Mozart’s 11th sonata, block access to social media, adorn your desk – and you are all set.

If you want to boost your productivity, stop making excuses. Start working harder and you will achieve your career goals.